Square Enix, have you no shame?

19 Sep

If you haven’t heard yet, Square Enix has recently announced that Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and 358/2 Days is getting remixed for the Playstation 3!

On the one hand, I am beyond excited. The 10 year anniversary for the North American release just passed, and my own ten year anniversary for this game series is coming up in December (Christmas. I know. So surprising). To see the game that got me into gaming, got me really into analyzing stories not just in their media but as tales themselves, in HD glory is such a treat! The feelings of betrayal, loyalty, and sacrifice that come from this game are just a fabulous, and it is a tale that should be told. The Disney aspect doesn’t lose any points compared to the Square characters; in fact, they almost enhance them, so to see them in HD will make me scream like a five year old and roll around like a three year old.

In that order.

I don’t think it’s healthy to love a game this much.

On the other hand… Square Enix. What are you doing. I understand that your market share has apparently been dropping, but you’re actually doing worse than what Hollywood is currently attempting. Hollywood is doing remakes and remasters of old films. I have many problems with that, but Square, I’m so confused.

Final Fantasy XIII, was, to be honest, never my favorite game. It was way too linear and took way too long to actually get to the part of the game where I could play it. To have a sequel literally two years after the first game was pretty eye raising, but not too much, considering Final Fantasy X-2 came out a year after Final Fantasy X. Even that choice is curious – the first games on the new platforms have sequels? That’s not at all suspicious. Then again, Final Fantasy XII has a sequel, but did anyone play Revenant Wings? No? I thought not.

No one = 1.04 million copies sold

But two sequels? Three games within 4 years? Although it must be cheaper to use old worlds to let the players roam around in because there is an established audience and it may be cheaper, it’s still sad.

And I understand that there are other games from Square Enix that are coming out. I also understand that these are the Cash Cow franchises, and we have to get used to it, so another game like Kingdom Hearts that no one knows the potential can be realized. But this is different, Square. You’ve been messing with my childhood, with Kingdom Hearts, and I’m not happy about that.

The fact that there was one game in 2002, one in 2004, and one in 2006 was acceptable by Brie’s standards. It showed that the series was obviously popular enough to warrent sequels and that people want them. However, the fact that we’ve had a game come out for this series every single year since 2007 (and I’m including the original coded that no one played, so deal with it)? That shit cray.

There’s Sora, Kairi, Riku… uh…

I think that’s even more frightening is that Square has managed to put the Kingdom Hearts series on almost every single gaming platform. Unlike the Final Fantasy series, of which stories are not all connected, the Kingdom Hearts series is. Essentially, if one were a true fan and wanted to understand the entire story of Kingdom Hearts, they must own a Playstation 2, a Playstation Portable, a Gameboy (which can now be replaced), a DS, and a 3DS. In fact, I guess we should be glad that Square hasn’t grabbed the Xbox 360 or the Wii, or else fans will be shelling out more for it.

The truth is suddenly clear to me.

I always find it fascinating how almost alienating this series has become. I consider myself a huge fan, but the fact that the games are across so many systems has even me dropping out. I can’t afford to own every system that Square Enix wants me to, but I still try to understand the games regardless, but watching cutscenes online.

Most fans I know who really enjoyed the first two games, being Kingdom Hearts 1 and Kingdom Hearts 2 (because they’re on playstation, and people who didn’t have multiple systems weren’t going to start shelling out), have no desire to catch up to the current games. I’m lost as a long time fan who has followed the games, and once you start trying to explain the storyline, you lose their interest.

Granted, part of that is the story designers, but do you know who else is to blame? Who ever allowed one continuous series to be on so many platforms.

Square, I get you’re trying to make as much money as humanly possible with a story about a energetic boy with gravity defying hair. But the fact that fans are dropping out like flies to play this series should potentially tell you something.


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