Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour in Real Life

20 Sep

If you’re a fan of video games, if you’re a fan of parkour, or if you’re a fan of watching people run up and down walls while having epic music playing in the background, than this is definitely the video for you.

I actually hope you really watched it, because if you didn’t, then that kind of makes me upset. What are you doing, creeping my page and not watching awesome videos that show up. Shame on you.

While I think that the video itself is amazing, the film major side of me actually loved this video more. It’s the behind the scenes of how they shot it. They mention how the filmmaker had to contact a friend of his to create an accurate costume, how they did that amazing beginning shot, and how realistic they tried to make it, complete with people staring at the camera and the actor with suspicious looks.

I almost wish I were more of an Assassin Creed fan so I could enjoy this video, but all I can say is I commend this filmmaker for following through with this. It’s awesome to me as someone who enjoys video games, to see the avatar actually running around on the street, but to have a connection with that character must be a fantastic experience.


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