TRAILER: Thor the Dark World

23 Apr

If you know nothing about me, then you should know one thing.

I like me some super hero movies.

And there are many things to say about this recent addition to Marvel – Stage 2, so here I go. Remember – these are my opinions and I can say whatever I want because I’m a college kid with a blog and you’re not. Well, you could be but … that’s not the point.

Let me get one question out of the way before I start. I’ll admit I’m one of those fans who has been watching the films instead of reading the comics, but I’m curious – if evil creatures are blowing up the world, why aren’t the other Avengers helping?

tony stark, thor, captain america, the hulk, hulk, black widow, hawkeye, chris evans, chris helmsworth, robert downy jr, robert downy junior, rdj, mark ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, jeremy renner

Way to disappear, guys. (image:

I suppose this question could poise for Iron Man 3 and Captain America: Winter Soldier. If they were able to create this super hero team, then why couldn’t someone pop in and help out? I realize time constraints with the actors, and maybe this is addressed in the comics, but I’d like to know! If anyone does know… help a girl out?

First off, can I just say that whoever in the production team was like, let’s go shoot in Iceland, deserves a medal? Because the scenery shots are gorgeous and this is just the trailer.

Iceland, thor 2, thor, the dark world, thor the dark world

I mean just… ugh. Beautiful. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

Seriously though. Looking at pictures from Iceland that aren’t in the film are just as amazing. I’ve always wanted to visit, and now this movie makes me just want to go even more.

iceland, volcano

It really does look otherwordly. (image:

But onto the trailer:

First off, what in the world is happening in the beginning?

thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world

That man is not having a good day. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

Now, I’ve done some reseach on Malekith the Accursed (aka, checked his wikipedia article), which says that he can manipulate the forces of magic, but that does give him the ability to lift trucks in England (at least, I’m assuming it’s England, given the shot of the Eye at the beginning of the trailer) when he’s no where close?

Or is he?

Christopher Eccleston, thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world, Malekith

While trapped in this. Or is he trapped? I’m assumming not. If you’re that badass, you simply wait. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

But if that’s the case, then what school does Jane teach/lecture/research at? It’s a classy looking school with a kick ass looking campus, but are we supposed to assume that it’s in England? I thought they were in small American town in the last movie. Shit, where were they in the last movie??

thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world

Either way, sucks to be there now. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

If I were more curious, I could just research it, but I like asking questions for someone else to answer. Though, as referenced with the shot above and the one below, which ever university they did CGI blow up (or actually, if it’s just a set), it’s a really, really pretty university.

thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world

If you ignore the windows being blown out, it’s a nice shot. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

With the scenery out of the way, let us discuss the outfits.

First off, Thor new digs and Jane’s Asgardian ones.

thor, jane, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world, chris helmsworth, natalie portman

They both look awful in this shot, but their outfits look quite classy. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

I’m not going to pretend that I can analyze the costumes. I’m not. But I really love Jane’s outfit. Not only that, but it also really suits Natalie Portman.

But what I’m curious about is Thor’s outfit. Is it new? This one look much more god than his original silver. But we have to also consider the fact that his silver outfit (aka the one we see normally) is his battle armor. Would this be considered sweatpants in Asgard? Why is he wearing a cloak now? He never wore a cloak before. IS IT WINTER IN ASGARD?

I will refrain from making Game of Thrones jokes.

But speaking of non-battle to battle armor SIF, aka the only character from the original Asgardians who is in the movie (besides Thor, Odin, and… Frigga). No. Really. Where is everyone else. I realize that Fandral has been replaced by Zachary Levi (something I’m very interested to see ), but what happened to everyone else? Did they not have as many badass shots as Sif? Though, I’d imagine it would be hard to compete.

Jaimie Alexander, Sif, thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world, the warriors three

I can’t tell if she’s being badass or awesome. Or both. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

It looks as though her battle armor has changed as well. Obviously, we can’t see too much of it, but originally, her hair was in a tight ponytail and her armor covered her entire upper body. Maybe it’s summer in Asgard?


A question that I hope is explained quickly and we don’t DWELL ON THIS SHIT THE ENTIRE MOVIE is the Sif bitch face.

Jaimie Alexander, Sif, thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world, the warriors three

Although it is a fierce one. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

Although I would love to take lessons from Jamie Alexander in “How to successfully bitch face while looking like a BOSS,” there is the issue that, in the comics, Sif is Thor’s lover. We clearly didn’t have that in the first movie, but it was kind of obvious that she either felt something for Thor or something had happened between them, with her annoyed but amused eye rolls at the boys. But now we have direct competition in the form of Jane.

But let me say this – as much as I love a good fight, I do not want this movie to spend more than two seconds dealing with the differences between the women, even though I know, you know, and Marvel gleefully knows that it is going to be so. Sif is going to play the jealous scorned woman, and Jane is going to play the “I have no idea why she doesn’t like me” angle and then there’s going to be a fight and Jane will disappear, get kidnapped by the villain, and then Thor will have to save her.

But! If this movie doesn’t play this route, I will be so happy that I will drop to my knees in the theater, curl into a ball, and cry tears of joy. And my friends watching the movie with me will be embarrassed and have to deal with me.

Speaking of the villian (excellent segway, if I do say so myself. Just kidding), CHRISTOPHER ECCLESTON.

See, I first saw him (as I’m sure many in America did), as the 9th Doctor. He was my first Doctor, and I loved his wit and adorableness throughout his season.

Christopher eccleston, doctor who, 9th doctor, ninth doctor, doctor,

Too badass and too funny and too sweet to handle. (image:


Malekith the Accursed, Christopher Eccelston, thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world,

The wonders of a good make up department. (image: screenshot from Youtube).

Shit. I’m afraid. I can’t even argue whether he looks like a good version of Malekith the Accursed, becuase, as mentioned, I never read the comics, but regardless, he looks frightening.

I’m almost done. I promise. But I could never finish without bringing up the one that brought many into the fandom that is Thor — Loki.

And jesus christ, does his hair look disgusting. I mean, this is making his hair in The Avengers look good.

Loki, Tom Hiddleston, thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world

Ew. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

Especially compared to how nice Thor’s hair looks in the scene. Chris, I see you working that wig. And like it, I do.

Chris Hemsworth, thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world

That is a marvelous hair cape that even I am a bit jealous of. That, and the lighting is gorgeous. (image: screenshot from Youtube)

But what makes me curious is that, even with his snarky remark about having to kill one another, is the image that happens much eariler in the trailer.

Tom Hiddleston, Loki, Chris Helmsworth, Thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world, jane, natalie portman

Clearly they didn’t end up killing each other. Or is that even Loki? (image: screenshot from Youtube)

Thor has lost his shoulder armor, I’m assuming that is Jane, but you never know (it could be Sif, it could be one of the Warriors Three), and Loki in his Avengers outfit, rocking what could be his Avengers’ styled hair. Obviously this shot was only in the trailer for two seconds, but what makes me curious was… CONTEXT!!! Is this the beginning of the film, where Thor is bringing Loki back to Asgard? Is this the middle, where they are working together to defeat Malekith? Is this just another temper tantrum that Loki is throwing and Thor happens to be caught in the middle? Is that person Thor is lugging around even a person and are they alive???

Who knows. So many questions from one 1 minute 40 second trailer. I’m afraid to see what happens when they begin to release longer trailers. Although Iron Man 3‘s trailers have felt like they’re releasing far too much info, I feel as though when we finally see both films (Thor 2 and Iron Man 3, they will have kept us enough in the dark that the movie will still be just as fun.

This has been me overanalyzing the shit out of a movie trailer that is just under two minutes, if if I could have my title card disappear with a cape swish, I would as well.

Marvel, thor, thor 2, thor the dark world, the dark world

That class. (image: screenshot from Youtube)


2 Responses to “TRAILER: Thor the Dark World”

  1. Stephanie Austin April 23, 2013 at 6:58 pm #

    I don’t know the answers to all your questions but I have one. In the Avengers, Colsoun (I think it was him) tells Thor that they moved Jane to somewhere safer, or something along those lines. I’m not sure they said where she went or what, but it was implied that she was not in the same place where she was in the first Thor movie! SO, there ya go (:

  2. Matt September 17, 2013 at 7:07 am #

    That is greenwhich university in England, amazing place. I had my graduation there

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