TRAILER: Teen Wolf Season 3

20 May

I did warn that this was a film AND TV blog, right? Did I also warn for the fact that I love me some terrible television shows? No? Well here’s my warning: MTV’s Teen Wolf is terribly fun television, and the season 3 trailer just premiered today.

Now, I can assume what you’re thinking. Why is this amazingly intelligent media critic watching what is reported to be slightly terrible television show?? …Oh you’re not thinking that. Well, I can pretend that you are.

But essentially, why should you watch Teen Wolf and why should you pretend to care about season 3?

Well, the cast is attractive.

Tyler Posey, Tyler Hoechlin, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien, Holland Roden, JR Bourne, Keahu Kahuanui, Ian Bohen, teen wolf, teen wolf season 3, danny, derek hale, peter hale, lydia martin, argent, allison argent, scott mccall, stiles stilinkski, stiles, scott, allison,

In fact, one of them is even went to my school! REPRESENT. (image souce:

However, I watch it when I want to watch a fun show. I mean, there are some problems with some of the dialogue (“Mountain ASH!!!!!!!!!!!”) and there are some plot holes, but generally, it’s a fun show where the women kick ass (sometimes too much and a bit too deadly, but hey, I’m cool with that), and the boys range from adorable to really, really, ridiculously good looking.

tyler hoechlin, teen wolf, derek hale

I’m looking at you and your stupidly attractive face. (image source: fanpop)

However, if you really want an analysis of the show that isn’t pretty pictures of people, then there are lots of websites out there that will give you this analysis. I mainly am interested in focusing on the new trailer.

I’m assuming you’ve watched the trailer above so you can’t yell spoilers. Seriously. Watch the two minute trailer, then come back to my rambling opinons.

Clearly shit is getting real in Beacon Hills, California. Time has passed since season 2 (I don’t remember how many months, but enough for us to plausibly belive that Stiles hair has gone from buzz cut to Dylan O’Brien’s newer longer style) and things are heating up. Stiles has either gotten over his Nice Guy ™ routine over Lydia and has finally found someone new or… she’s evil and going to kill him. Eh, either way, I’d be okay with it. That nice guy routine was killing me.

Dylan O'Brien, Stiles, Stiles StilinskiTeen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3, season 3

Stiles might get lucky…or eaten. OR BOTH. (screencap from Youtube)

Allison’s hair has become more unfortunate but fortunately, she has become much more badass, as she chillingly responds to Scott with an “I can take care of myself” and a DRAMATIC knife twist. Oh jeez. She’s going to be cutting people up again, isn’t she. I do hope so. Although I really wish her revenge story arc had been better (like, how she over the anger of her mother’s death so quickly OR her need toimmediately blame Scott for her mother’s death), Badass!Allison with a crossbow was awesome. I need more badasses on my television.

Crystal Reed, Allison Argent, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

She will shoot your friends in the chest and only feel thiiiiiis bad about it. (screenshot from Youtube)

Though homegirl needs to back away from Isaac. Because the only thing worse than two girls fighting over a boy is two boys fighting over a girl. Also Scott is adorable why would you make him sad. :(

And it’s not like Isaac isn’t also a werewolf . He just is whiter. UH OH.

Lydia’s comment of “I want one” is aimed at two generic looking Caucasian twins with nice muscles. Considering their faces are obscured by the darkness, I’m assuming she’s only referring to the muscles. I mean, they look average looking so I slightly agree. Also, she seems very content with the love of her life apparently gone from the series to star in the CW’s Arrow as Roy Harper, but you know, maybe she is actually content.

Colton Haynes, Roy Harper, Arrow, Speedy, Teen Wolf


At least I won’t have to see him on Teen Wolf anymore. And yes, I liked when Jackson was the kanima. He didn’t talk.

RANDOM CUT TO A MAKE-OUT SHOT. If this was Teen Vampire and not Teen Wolf, someone would be dead right now. You know, bites to the neck? Yum.

Apparently the new Alpha population knows the Vulcan Chokehold, from the calm way they are holding Scott. That OR he’s watching something traumatic. Personally, I’m going with the chokehold. Much more amusing.

Scott McCall, Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

That’s more like a massage. Excuse me. (Screenshot from Youtube)

The pack of Alpha’s is mentioned again. It better be explained in like, episode 1 or 2 why there is a pack of leaders of packs. Even at the end of last season, I didn’t understand it, therefore it could no be true. But considering as the show is airing in two (2) weeks, and they’re still using that phrase, then I suppose we’ll figure out eventually. But again, SOONER IS BETTER THAN LATER before my eyes roll to the back of my head and I can’t watch the show anymore.

Also, Tyler Posey’s acting as clearly gotten… well, well a smidgen better!. Which isn’t terrible… but it isn’t… good… But awesome job at improving!!!

For all my fellow Final Fantasy fans, and, in particular, Final Fantasy XII, BALTHIER will be making an appearance  Ugh. Gideon Emery’s voice as Balthier was already brilliant, but to have him threatening Derek makes it even better. It’s like, who do I root for? The good guy who is incredibly good looking or the man with the beautiful voice (who is also good looking)? It’s an incredibly difficult decision that I will have to ponder.

Gideon Emery, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

Hint. The voice wins. (Screenshot from Youtube)

There is some dramatic torture scenes for both Isaac and Derek, which I’m sure are only there to show off their new and improved muscles, and Stiles makes a comment about how people are dying again. I’m curious as to why people in Beacon Hills haven’t taken the Sunnydale route and gotten the hell out of dodge. Granted, it took Sunnydale 7 seasons to do that, and people still live in Mystic Falls (Vampire Diaries), so clearly people are just blind, deaf, and dumb in Magical Supernatural Ville, USA.

Though they’re all strangely attractive.

Stiles comments on the lack of werewolf killings and APPARENTLY MY BOY DANNY IS HURT? OH MY GOSH NO. HOW DARE THEY.

I am mildly upset by these turn of events!!!

Keahu Kahuanui, Danny, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

I’m 50% sure it’s Danny.  (Screenshot from Youtube)

Apparently Lydia has another story arc where’s she’s either magical or being possessed and one (read: me) wishes that they would fully utilize her character because she is not just a pretty, intelligent  character. She is a badass  character with the strength to probably take down every other character in the show SO PLEASE LET HER DO SO.

Holland Roden, Lydia Martin, Lydia, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

She can and she will also fuck you up. (Screenshot from Youtube)

My love for Gideon Emery’s is already tested less than a minute later in the trailer when HE PROCEEDS TO SLIT MELISSA MCCALL’S THROAT. OH MY GOD. WHAT. NO. Papa Stilinkski better not be next!

Melissa Ponzio, Gideon Emery, Deucalion, Melissa McCall, Melissa, McCall, Mama McCall, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

Now that’s just plain rude. (Screenshot from Youtube)

Poor Derek. His life just sucks. His family is murdered and it’s his fault. He manages to have the worst ragtag team of misfits who end up leaving him for CW shows (both Colton Haynes and, apparently, Gage Golightly). Will he ever have a good day? Like, he wakes up and feels good about his life and enjoys the sunshine?


Suffer on, Derek. Suffer on.

Tyler Hoechlin, Derek, Derek Hale, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

That is a literal stab in the back. (Screenshot from Youtube)

Deaton continues his role as he vague doctor character who saves vague things vaguely and kicks ass while being vauge, and vaguely says that Scott should “Lead them.” Them, I’m assuming, is the Alpha pack, but really? At least Derek has had years of being a werewolf to know what to do. Why would you give any of that responsiblity to Scott, especially considering he’s barely been a wolf for two years — oh wait. Scott is the main character. Duh.

Seth Gilliam, Dr. Deaton, Deaton, Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Season 3

Way to be cryptic. (Screenshot from Youtube)

The final shots of the trailer are probably spoilers for the whole season, but they’re in the trailer oh geez. Scott’s eyes turn from the golden color to a deep red, signaling that he is going to become an Alpha sometime during this 12 episode arc.

Scott McCall, Scott, Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf Season 3, Tyler

Oh snap. (Screenshot from Youtube)

The question is – which of the Alpha pack did he kill? Were they able to take out the whole pack? How will sad Derek handle this change, especially since his family’s land, while still his, will now run through Scott’s?


Teen wolf, this might hurt, Teen wolf season 3


So in short, I am super excited about Season 3 of Teen Wolf, but I can already smell (haha) some issues with the show. I’m really hoping that Lydia is not, once again, used as a plot device and forgot about until necessary. Allison’s badassery needs to continue but not in a crazy, unchecked way. Is Boyd still on this show? Is Teen Wolf pulling a Vampire Diaries in bringing out one of the strongest groups of big bads in their third season, so that every villain afterwards seems very weak? Although this show started out very dark, it still had humorous moments. Will there be any humorous moments at all or has shit hit the fan?


Gerard, Michael Hogan

MOUNTAIN ASH!!!! (Screenshot from Youtube)

As much as I may fight it, I will still be there. Monday, June 3rd at 10pm on MTV I will be watching, live tweeting, and probably live texting my friends will be watching it with me.

If you’ve already been a fan of the show, then it’s just two more weeks! If you previously weren’t and you’re either like, “This show sounds terrible,” or “This show sounds amazing!”, or “You have great taste and I trust your judgement!” (hahaha), you should watch this clip. It’s some dialogue from the first season. This was what inspired me to keep watching this show because you know it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and while this new season of obviously serious, I hope they still go back to their roots every once in a while

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