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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Unleashed

27 Jun

Now that everyone has analyzed the crap out of this episode, it’s time for me!

I’m kind of dying at the fact that so many people keep looking at my review for the first episode. Sorry, and I hope it’s funny! I also do recaps on other episodes too SO check them out!

Moving on.

This episode today was brought by some file sharing …app that I can’t even remember the name and some phone. I dunno. They MIGHT have been in the episode a few times. Just a few.

Samsung, galaxy, teen wolf

Seriously. SERIOUSLY??

teen wolf, dropbox

I dunno about you, but I think I should use Dropbox now DON’T YOU THINK?

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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Fireflies

20 Jun scott mccall, tyler posey, chris argent, papa argent, jr bourne, fireflies, teen wolf

I realize the hoards of people reading this (and by hoards I mean is anyone here hello), will notice that this is late. Sorry. My real life was like “Hahaha you no longer have time for Teen Wolf recaps.” And I was like “Lol sleeping.”

So. Onto the episode.

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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Chaos Rising

11 Jun

Welcome to the second edition of I try to be witty while pointing out things that make me scratch my head during the recent episode of Teen Wolf Season 3! If you’ve seen 3×02, come take a gander. If not… go watch it, and then come back and be confused with me.

In fun random news, did you know Stiles’ dad was in Mortal Kombat as Johnny Cage? WELL NOW YOU DO.

Mortal kombat, johnny cage, Linden Ashby

I literally cannot.

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And the Fans Rejoiced: Kingdom Hearts 3 Announcement

10 Jun

If you’ve heard of Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Kingdom Hearts, I’m sure you know what was just announced today (or yesterday if you’re on the East Coast) at E3.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is now Final Fantasy XV, completely with an attempted title drop in the trailer. Kingdom Hearts 3, a little over ten years after the first game and seven years after Kingdom Hearts 2, is slated to drop in 2015.

I can’t express my emotions about Final Fantasy XV. I’m excited and I can’t wait to see what comes from the game, but nothing will really compare to my feelings about the information about Kingdom Hearts 3.

When I first started playing video games, I would watch my older brother hack away at Final Fantasy VII on the PC, but I was never allowed to play. Then I just happened to see a trailer for a new, crazy sounding game that was coming out on the PlayStation 2, and I thought, well, I might as well check it out.

Kingdom Hearts was the first video game I ever played, beat, leveled up in, and finished everything in (yeah I kicked Sephiroth’s ass). I’ve been playing it for ten years this December. Not only has that game been in my life for almost half of my life, but it has influenced the way I have grown as a creative person. Although I will always laugh and call myself a sheep for playing (almost) every single Kingdom Hearts game in existence (I couldn’t do coded and couldn’t get Dream Drop Distance), the sheer magnitude of creativity these games inspired, not just from me but from so many people around the world, is astounding.

If you’re looking around and your dash/twitter feed/facebook … (feed? I think it’s a feed?) is being filled with people screaming about the Kingdom Hearts sequel, don’t roll your eyes and push it away. Check it out. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

That is just my two cents on the upcoming game and why I’ve spent the last three hours freaking out about it. But, as mentioned in other posts, I am a business major, and even I have something to point out in this conference. Sony managed to take everything that has been announced by Microsoft and turn it on its head and promote their amazing product with their marketing campaign and THAT, my friends, are some amazing marketing.

Check it out.

RECAP: Teen Wolf – Tattoo

4 Jun Scott McCall, Scott, Teen Wolf, Tyler Posey, Teen Wolf Season 3, Tyler

This post will contain spoilers for June 3rd’s episode of Teen Wolf titled Tattoo 3×01. if you haven’t seen it and don’t wish to be spoiled, go away! If you are cool with that, come and enjoy me ranting out a few things about the new episode.

Also this is long so settle in and grab some popcorn.

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