RECAP: Teen Wolf – Fireflies

20 Jun

I realize the hoards of people reading this (and by hoards I mean is anyone here hello), will notice that this is late. Sorry. My real life was like “Hahaha you no longer have time for Teen Wolf recaps.” And I was like “Lol sleeping.”

So. Onto the episode.

Fireflies. The episode starts with children playing with them, and then later Papa Argent mentions that fireflies in California shouldn’t even be able to glow. To which Scott replies with “So?”

scott mccall, tyler posey, chris argent, papa argent, jr bourne, fireflies, teen wolf


Scott, seriously? You’re almost as genre blind as Deucalion saying he doesn’t have to worry about teenagers. Oops maybe genre blind was the wrong term, but you know what I mean. If things are happening around Beacon Hills and something odd is happening with the wildlife, like, for instance, the deer that attacked Lydia’s car two episodes ago, you’d think that they would take note of the stranger things happening IN CASE IT GAVE THEM A CLUE.

But of course not. That would be intelligent. Instead, in like five episodes, someone is going to bring up fireflies again and they’re going to be like “But of course!” and I will be rolling my eyes so hard that it won’t matter what they say because my eyes will get stuck on the top of my head.

tyler posey, scott mccall, teen wolf

But Scott with kids was adorable let’s be real.

I love how no one cares anymore to make werewolves stay hidden. What did Scott tell the kids? “Don’t tell anyone that we ran faster than your mom’s car?” Yeah, I’m sure that went over well.

One of the things that bothered me the most was the fact that we never got a clear shot of Erica’s face. As we discovered, not only is Erica dead, but apparently anyone who is a new character in this show will die. That’s sad. I mean, it was awesome that we had some adorable lesbians on the show, but the fact that one of the died pretty brutally was sad.

Actually, let’s talk about them deaths. HOLY WOW those were not okay. Heather, the only one we actually got to know (kinda…?) was stepping on glass bodies before being dragged out of a basement and killed. The girl from the beginning of the episode was surrounded by BUGS OH MY GOD HOW GROSS! And the guy was… uh. At work? I have no idea but if he was at work, that sucks. And why was his so poetic? Like, the dummy in the water while everyone else was just dead.

teen wolf


Wait oh jeez. I hope the guy wasn’t at work because I just made a connection. The people who died weren’t just virgins. Two of them we know were virgins who were attempting to have sex right before they were killed. Oh gosh.

Going back to the death of Erica, Derek looked so distraught. At least Derek is finally realizing (or has realized for a while) that he’s a terrible leader, which while sad, is actually a good thing. All that smirking with leather jackets couldn’t have done him any good.  And while it’s upsetting that he’s throwing himself on the line to hunt down his sister and his former pack mate, I mean,what else does he have to lose? He thought his entire family was dead, and now one isn’t. He also thought that his pack was dead and now he has a chance to save them.

tyler hoechlin, derek hale, tyler posey, scott mccall, Gage Golightly, erica

I didn’t see her face. Are you sureee it was Erica? …Yes? :(

To see him go from “Oh if I see Jackson, I’ll kill him” to holding down Cora and Boyd in order to wait for dawn was not only really devoted, but really showed that he’s kinda grown up from the “Oh if you mess up we’ll kill you cause it’s easier.” But is it as big of a sacrifice cause he’ll eventually heal? Lol but the emotional scars from being hurt by his sister who he thought was dead will never heal.

tyler hoechlin, derek hale, teen wolf

Craaaaaawling in my skiiiiiin.

We also have the crazy as hell English teacher, Ms Blake. How was the woman allowed in the school that late at night?? That’s what bothered me the most. Not that she actually ran away (because if I saw that I would have hid under a desk and cried a lot) but the fact that she was… what? grading papers? Hasn’t it literally only been a few days since the first episode? How many papers does she have to grade that makes her stay this late? WHY WAS SHE IN THE BOILER ROOM??? Or, does she have a terrible home life and she to stay away and wouldn’t it be nice if some attractive man helped her from this situation?

Ms Blake, Haley Webb, Teen wolf

SERIOUSLY what was she doing??? She had no reason to be down there! Go back to grading papers IN THE CLASSROOM or better yet, NOT in an empty school!

It would have been a lot nicer if that attractive man was NOT bloody as hell but you know what. If a bloody Tyler Hoechlin saved me from some crazy ass werewolves, I would have done more than take his hand.

…I would have thanked him profusely, obviously. Where was your mind going?

tyler hoechlin, teen wolf, derek hale

But actually.

At first, I was not okay with the potential that Derek would date anyone. I mean, in my mind, he is still traumatized from the fire… how many years ago? He said six in season 1 and nine this season… EITHER WAY he was traumatized by the fire and by Kate, and he would never be able to love again.

Ew, I hope it’s six. Cause if it was six years ago in season 1, he was about 16? If it was 9 years ago in season 3, it would have been 8 years in season 1 which would have made him 14 and Kate like 24 EW OH MY GOD NO. Ain’t nobody want to imagine that copulation happening.

Anyway. I have always assumed that Derek is still traumatized from falling in love with Kate and that he would never be able to love again, and I actually like Ms. Blake. I just hope that they are much more sublte about them going into a relationship than they were this episode. The loud, dramatic music is not subtle. It was like a punch in the face that something was going to happen between the two of them. I’m okay with the fact that we’re supposed to know, but if we cut to the next episode and Derek is pining over this woman, I’m going to hurl. He just met her, and she clearly just found out that werewolves exist. Give her some time to adjust.

teen wolf, tyler hoechlin, haley webb, ms blake, derek hale

The dramatic hand grab of love was so dramatic it almost made me sick.

In other news, PAPA ARGENT is my new favorite character. I realize he has a first name, but Papa Argent will always be his name to me. Also, can we just say that Papa Argent going grocery shopping is now one of my top ten things to happen in Teen Wolf? The fact that he sounded so upset over possibly dropping the bag with the eggs (which we never discovered, PLOT TWIST???) when people are dying was kind of adorable. it shows how far from this life he’s gotten.

jr bourne, teen wolf, chris argent, papa argent

He looked so sad about dropping the eggs. Like his life was represented by the eggs and he dropped it. …Wait. what?

Which is another problem. Hasn’t Chris Argent been doing this his entire life? His entire family has been raised to be werewolf hunters? So his little speech that he’s totally out of the game was really not convincing, especially whne he jumped back in so quickly. I mean, it was sad that his wife died and that his father ended up being crazy, but CLEARLY with the Kanima, there is crazier shit out in the world than just werewolves. If he’s a hunter) then he should make it his job to HUNT CRAZY ASS THINGS.

He and the Supernatural people should team up to make the most attractive hunters ever.

jr bourne, teen wolf, chris argent, papa argent

I’d be okay with that.

I wish there were more time in the show to explore Lydia’s family life because no one in this show has a happy family life. Her parents haven’t realized that their daughter can raise and apparently find the dead, but okay. That’s normal. Also, I don’t think it was very safe that she magically drove to the pool. How did she drive without realizing where she was going? At first I thought she like half teleported there but that would make no sense.

And in drives Stiles, who promptly freaks out that she called the police first and not him. Which I have two reponses to. One, Stiles, she doesn’t stumble across dead bodies everyday and she was freaking out give the girl some slack PLEASE. And two, the fact that he has resigned to the fact that he will be the number one person to call when dead bodies appear (because while there was blood, we didn’t know at this point who had done it) is kind of scary.

Teen wolf, stiles, dylan o'brien

Go home and do some homework Stiles. If your english teacher is staying late to grade it, you are allowed to not be on speed dial for dead bodies until you finish.

As funny and adorable as Stiles was in season 1, this season’s Stiles is much …darker. Which is strange because Scott is so much lighter and happier, but for all the funny quips, this Stiles is a lot more angry and reacts a lot faster to things happening. Which makes me half wish we had seen what had happening between the four months of summr (again, WHO HAS FOUR MONTHS). He’s much less sarcastic and much more ready to take charge.

But the biggest things for me about Stiles in this episode were two things, both of which I think people have pointed out. The really great acting by Dylan O’Brien when Stiles saw the dead body of his friend, and the reactions he has. Eariler seasons, he would have completely freaked out, but after tearing up over seeing Heather, his manages to start to connect the dots of what was going on instead of … well, staying  freaked out over the dead body of HIS FRIEND.

stiles, teen wolf, dylan o'brien

Though those were some well acted tears. I almost forgot we just met Heather an episode ago.

Same with him following Lydia to her room. In eariler seasons, he was only there to see her, or when she went to see him, he was so worried about her. Now, he followed her not just because he was worried, but more importantly, to figure out how she came to find that body. It’s like, he’s slowly gone past just caring about his friends to seeing the over all scheme of things which kind of makes Stiles more badass and spylike and kind of sad. He’s still a high school junior. He shouldn’t expect to solve murder cases and be number 1 on speed dial when it comes to dead bodies.

But this is Teen Wolf!

stiles, teen wolf, dylan o'brien, lydia martin, holland roden


Also, did the fact that Stiles was the last person to see Heather get brushed aside? Is he still a suspect in that case?


teen wolf, sheriff stilinkski, linden ashby

Nope. But he will deal with this ridiculous dutch angle though.

I don’t have much to say about Allison this episode except homegirl was fierce. I hope she always will be around to shoot arrows from the top of school buses. FOR ALWAYS AND ETERNITY.

Crystal Reed, Teen wolf, allison argent

I… I don’t want to know how you got up there, Allison. I’m not sure that’s safe.

Final thoughts:

  • The monster witch creature thing BEAST is killing virgins, right? And Stiles is a confirmed virgin? And they’re apparently killing them right before the deed is attempted? Well I guess the question of whether Stiles will get another person will be answered soon enough! …Oh dear.
  • Also, I’m placing bets on the evil sacrifice thing has SOMETHING to do with Gerard. Because he STILL has not been mentioned and I’m like 90% sure he’s the main villian this season because LITERALLY EVERYONE FORGOT THAT HE ESCAPED. ARE YOU KIDDING ME??
  • Can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease have some more develoment about the Alphas??? I’m getting bored of them and they’re supposed to be this epic evil.
  • Peter’s mustache is now a pornstache and I’m…not okay with it.

Anyway, I enjoyed this episode. I half wish that we had known Heather longer before she was offed, that people wouldn’t die so much on the show, and that we see more of Erica (even if in flashbacks because she’s looking pretty dead now). However, it entertained me. Much more than the last episode. Hopefully more people will kick ass next week.

Either way, I’ll be there to snark it up.

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