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RECAP: Teen Wolf – The Girl Who Knew Too Much

31 Jul

We’re going to jump right into this because a lot happened this episode but two things.

1) I should be done with this show because spoilers, they kill off another women and/or person of color.


2) When the reveal was revealed, I was so proud of myself for guessing like, six episodes in advance. And then I wasn’t so proud because why did I know that the villain was the villain so long ago. It wasn’t even hints, it was like “This character literally has no characterization in this show so unless they’re evil, they have no point to be here.”

…Wow that’s actually a few characters that have been introduced THAT’S AWKWARD.

teen wolf, the girl who knew too much

Even though Stiles said he knew her, did we? Now, we never will.

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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Visionary

29 Jul


I’m late with this (duh), but this season’s tagline “This Might Hurt” was not a lie. But not in how they want it to hurt. It does hurt that characters I like are being tortured but seriously? Thats’ the storyline we went with?

teen wolf, stiles Stilinski, stiles, tyler hoechlin, derk hale, dylan o'brien

How many times do we have to see Derek practically in tears until it’s someone else’s turn?

I am seeing around on le interwebs how, since the story was emphaizied as maybe not the “whole truth” that we might be missing something vital, such as who is actually the main character in this story, but let us delve into the story and continue to go, what in the world. Continue reading

RECAP: Teen Wolf – Currents

29 Jul

I had excuses as to why I’m late but it all boils down to I went to San Diego Comic Con and you didn’t. :D

…Wow. I could have said that nicer. Well, I could have, if that didn’t mean that I didn’t stew on the shit that happened in this episode. I don’t know if I can anymore, Jeff Davis. This might have been the straw that breaks the camels back.

(Spoilers since I’m writing this so late. It’s not. But the episode after this made me just as infuriated. YAY)

Sinqua Walls, Vernon Milton Boyd IV, Boyd, teen wolf

I’m just going to leave this regal picture of this character here. Nbd. No biggie.

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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Motel California

12 Jul

I think my biggest problem with Teen Wolf isn’t the impressive amount of abs managed to be shown in an hour of television, or the cheesy writing, or even the plot holes big enough for me to fall into. My biggest problem was made glaringly obvious when this episode began and I had to stop and think about how in the world did Coach Finstock pay for the hotel rooms? Is the bus driver getting overtime? Why didn’t Finstock count the amount of students on his bus and therefore, tell Allison and Lydia to go away and pay for their own room because this was coming out of his pocket??

teen wolf, teen wolf season 3, lydia martin, holland roden, coach finstock

Seriously Coach. You freak out over her taking your whistle but not paying for her room. Kay.

Essentially, my biggest problem with Teen Wolf is after all the werewolves and the Daracks, my suspension of disbelief is stretched so tightly that when logical things like this happen, it will take me out of the episode.

So! I will be ignoring all the above questions and pretend that Teen Wolf is a world were Coaches totally have enough on HAND to pay for motel rooms for all students (even at a shitty place like that) and can manage to not notice when half his team is not there for this, apparently, “important meet.”

Yeah. Moving on.

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Summer 2013: The Summer of Flops

11 Jul

It’s always interesting to see what occurs to films that are released in the summer. Generally, you have your slew of box office hits like The Avengers; your box office poison, like Battleship, and movies in-between.

Every summer, without fail, there will be winners and losers. But is it always fair which movies do amazing at the box office and which flop so hard that even the studios are embarrassed?

Of course not. Welcome to Hollywood.


I dunno about you, but I know I thought this looked like a WINNER. (Image from:

Although there are a lot of movies that were released this year, I’m focusing on White House Down, After Earth, The Lone Ranger, and Pacific Rim.

Why these movies? Because A) they were released around the same time, looking for a similar audience (same time being like, late May- early July as opposed to early May like Iron Man 3). B) I’m not including the animated films, even if Despicable Me 2 kicked The Lone Rangers ass. And C) Because I want to, go away.

despicable me, despicable me 2, minion,

Though this minion is my spirit animal.

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