RECAP: Teen Wolf – Motel California

12 Jul

I think my biggest problem with Teen Wolf isn’t the impressive amount of abs managed to be shown in an hour of television, or the cheesy writing, or even the plot holes big enough for me to fall into. My biggest problem was made glaringly obvious when this episode began and I had to stop and think about how in the world did Coach Finstock pay for the hotel rooms? Is the bus driver getting overtime? Why didn’t Finstock count the amount of students on his bus and therefore, tell Allison and Lydia to go away and pay for their own room because this was coming out of his pocket??

teen wolf, teen wolf season 3, lydia martin, holland roden, coach finstock

Seriously Coach. You freak out over her taking your whistle but not paying for her room. Kay.

Essentially, my biggest problem with Teen Wolf is after all the werewolves and the Daracks, my suspension of disbelief is stretched so tightly that when logical things like this happen, it will take me out of the episode.

So! I will be ignoring all the above questions and pretend that Teen Wolf is a world were Coaches totally have enough on HAND to pay for motel rooms for all students (even at a shitty place like that) and can manage to not notice when half his team is not there for this, apparently, “important meet.”

Yeah. Moving on.

Motel California, the emotional punch of the season didn’t actually punch me that hard. While I found that Dylan O’Brien’s tears are, in fact, slightly magical, I was surprisingly okay.

Dylan o'brien, stiles stilinski, teen wolf

What can I say? He knows how to cry.

However the amazingness that Boyd not only spoke in this episode but actually had something resembling a backstory was brilliant! So his sister drowned/froze to death while ice skating. Does he punish himself by working at a skating rink or is that the only job he can get?

teen wolf, vernon boyd, Sinqua Walls

That’s actually kind of twisted and not cool at all, show.

…Wait, oh my god. Did Boyd speak in this episode besides grunting, dropping buckets of ice, and punching vending machines?

Isaac, on the other hand, is lovable and squishy and wow his past really did suck. I wish the show would kind of bring up exactly what has happened to Isaac after his father’s death, because other than Derek kicking him out and him asking to stay with Scott, we …haven’t addressed it. Does he now have a foster family? If so, why doesn’t he stay there? Did Derek step in as his guardian and if so, I hope not. Derek can barely take care of himself, but more on him later.

teen wolf, daniel sharman, isaac lahey

I’m surprised he’s not more messed up, to be honest.

Scott! It was really nice seeing that his biggest fears, besides losing all his friends and dramatically standing in gasoline was that his mom was going to be hurt by all of this. I mean, the last time we had some wolfsbane attack in the last season, he was freaking out over the kanima and Allison. Nice to see that his mom still matters.

Though I really kinda wanted the throat slitting from Deucalion to be a real thing. That would have been enough to tip Scott into completely darkness and be willing to kill.

Deucalion, Gideon Emery, Melissa McCall, Melissa Ponzio, teen wolf

I guess it is terrible I wanted Mama McCall to die. ALAS. My bad.

Wait a minute. Speaking of wolfsbane, Stiles and Allison were hit by the toxin last season. Did this formula of wolfsbane that magically got into the Coach’s whistle have no impact on humans this time? And how did he not notice something in the whislte everytime he inhaled. You would have thought he would have chocked on wolfsbane.

Oh wait, I’m trying not to nitpick the small things. ALJDLKAJLDKAJd

teen wolf

I don’t think your students respect you. I know I don’t.

Anyway, as dramatic as the scenes in this episode were, there was always something that set them off. I think Isaac was the only one whose scene had nothing awkward about it. Boyd had the fact that he ripped off his shirt before attempting to drown himself (which… really?). And Scott and his dramatic posing…

I’ll be honest. The Scott and Stiles scene was really poignant and I want more from them for the rest of the season. Although I love the new characters, I miss this. I miss being able to see Scott&Stiles, and not Scott and everyone else oh look Stiles is over there, did you shoot any scenes with Scott? No? Well alright. :(

scott mccall, teen wolf, tyler posey

Dramatic, yes. This scene was really good though. MORE PLEASE.

BUT STILES. HONEY. I know you were trying to prove a point and by throwing the flare you were being dramatic as well as showing Scott that he didn’t need to. BUT PLEASE. When dealing flamable objects near PUDDLES of gasoline, please don’t  just CHUCK IT whereever oh my god.

So many props to Lydia to saving their asses.

Also, Lydia, Allison, and Stiles need to team up with Deaton and kick ass all day, everyday. I would be okay with this.

teen wolf, crystal reed, allison argent, lydia martin, holland roden, stiles stilinski, dylan o'brien

Team can fuck you up without supernatural powers.

Speaking of Scott’s drama and who caused it, DEREK NO. I was so mad at him. He owns a cell phone. I realize he had dramatic bleeding to do, but at sometime, did he seriously not go “Huh. I wonder if my friends/family know I’m alright MAYBE I SHOULD LET THEM KNOW” especially since, if he was dead, they would all need a new Alpha.


teen wolf, derek hale, jennifer blake, haley webb, tyler hoechlin


Actually, if he had called, I would have been totally fine with it. Besides bleeding all over the place, Derek was adorable this episode. Never before has he looked so much like a puppy who expects to be kicked.

teen wolf, derek hale, tyler hoechlin

Adorable is not what I usually describe people who are covered in blood. Usually.

And I have theories on his wound healing. It was either A) the Power of Love, which I will be pissed because they literally just me,t don’t pull that on me show, B) Derek needed to get laid, which… I would totally believe. He just needed some good loving. Or C) Ms Blake is evil and is using him as a medium to control her own powers.

I also have theories about Ms Blake. I want her to either be 100% evil and being with Derek as a means to an end, or an  innocent bystander who can pick up some information about werewolves and can eventually kick ass with the best of them AND she can appreciate a good looking man. I mean hell, she was probably like “Welp. When will I see this again?” and pounced on his wounded self.

tyler hoechlin, teen wolf, derek hale, jennifer blake, haley webb

I mean, let’s be real. If he was sitting in front of you shirtless, what would YOU do?

Because if it’s none of these, then we have the troubling possibility that she may be there just so Derek can fall in love, she can DIE, and then Derek goes batshit insane and joins the Alphas. And on a show that has fairly strong women, if there was literally a woman introduced to just die, I would be so mad.


meagan tandy, bad ass black woman, black woman, teen wolf



In other news, I WAS RIGHT. AHAHAHA. Gerard is BACK with A VENGEANCE as he lays in his own filth and spits out the name Decualion with anger. I want him to be evil. I want him to be working alongside the Darack (which I am probably still spelling wrong) because his old ass should have been dead after having that posion last season. The only reason he would have survived is because he made a deal with the proverbial devil (or the literal one, I have no idea), and that allowed him to cling to life.

Gerard Argent, Michael Hogan, teen wolf

He didn’t yell Deucalion like he yelled MOUNTAIN ASH, but it’s only a matter of time!

Either way, I wonder what next episode will bring. I have no idea. I’m enjoying this trip down what-the-fuck lane and I hope you guys are enjoying it with–


DANNY. I cannot believe I almost forgot about the sex scene that almost was. Oh Danny. I don’t even think that the Alpha twins are near the realm of attractive but Ethan (I think?) was cute when they were together. But can someone PLEASE let Danny in on what’s going on? Considering the trailer from this season, Danny is going to get hurt, and the fact that no one is letting Danny know what is going on its so frustrating  DANNY CAN HELP. DANNY IS SMART. and spoilers. Danny had and has someone invested in this.

Danny Mahealani, Keahu Kahuanui, Ethan, Charlie Carver, teen wolf

THEY WERE SO CUTE that I forgot I found Ethan unattractive. wow.

Also, was I the only one interested to see if Ethan chainsaw-ed himself, how long it would take to heal? Yes? …Fine.

While I’m glad that Allison is finally listening to Lydia, why doesn’t anyone else? And Stiles does have the right to think that Lydia may be unintentionally invovled because she hasn’t shown any signs of being able to control how she arrives at crime scenes, but she also is hearing dead people. They even listened to the kid from Signs every once in a while.

lydia martin, holland roden, teen wolf

But she hears dead people and it’s like “naaah she’s cool.”

Let Lydia have her chance and let Danny in on the secret. Spoilers? He’s going to find out soon enough.

Final Thoughts

  • That damn abandoned warehouse bothers me so much it’s not funny. WHERE IS IT. How does no one ever think to tear it down. Why is it so well lit?
  • DEREK. He literally dragged himself from the warehouse to the high school, where Ms Blake dragged him back to his apartment downtown. …Wasn’t the warehouse downtown? Did he actually go farther than he had to because Ms. Blake was there instead of maybe crashing at his own place? SHE DOES HAVE MAGICAL SUMMONING POWERS. I’m calling it now.
  • We’re never going to get more Boyd backstory ever again, are we.
  • Also the beginning had some important stuff like the Argents having a werewolf but the guy had a creepy mustache, so I didn’t pay attention. Who wants to explain it to me?

Thanks for reading! Also… shit. I went this entire review calling Jennifer Ms. Blake. I swear. I don’t see her as Jennifer. ALSO GUYS. How much fun will it be when the werewolves sit in English class and Jennifer is teaching and they’re all like “Oh my god you slept with Derek” and they’re all torn between looking proud and looking terrified and she has no idea why they’re freaking out.

Till next week!

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