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29 Jul

I had excuses as to why I’m late but it all boils down to I went to San Diego Comic Con and you didn’t. :D

…Wow. I could have said that nicer. Well, I could have, if that didn’t mean that I didn’t stew on the shit that happened in this episode. I don’t know if I can anymore, Jeff Davis. This might have been the straw that breaks the camels back.

(Spoilers since I’m writing this so late. It’s not. But the episode after this made me just as infuriated. YAY)

Sinqua Walls, Vernon Milton Boyd IV, Boyd, teen wolf

I’m just going to leave this regal picture of this character here. Nbd. No biggie.

First off, because this has been on my mind for the past week or so, I’m so glad that a large number of people, especially those that are minority or women, CONTINUE TO DIE ON THIS SHOW. I was so happy that we were finally going to start see a storyline for Boyd but then again, I should have known. I mean, he was talking a lot more in each episode, right? CLEARLY they were just giving him screen time to kill him off again.


Teen wolf, tyler hoechlin, derek hale, Sinqua Walls, Vernon Milton Boyd IV, Boyd,

At least his death was totally plausible… oh. wait. nope.

Remember that car crash from the beginning of the episode where Danny landed in the hospital and it was sad? I was sad at least. You don’t mess with Danny.

But remember that car crash. That ten car pile up that the doctors all disappeared which forced Mama McCall to save Danny?

Yeah. WHAT ABOUT THOSE OTHER PEOPLE. Did they get transfered to a hospital WITH doctors? Are they going to be alright? How did no one else notice this car crash?

teen wolf, tyler posey,

Seriously! What about this woman? Is she alright? Did her arm ever heal? DID ANYONE GET BETTER?

In other news, as adorable as it was for the scene with Mama McCall, Scott, and Isaac, are you kidding me. I understand that Isaac was kicked out of Derek’s place and needed a place to stay but …what about his foster family. Does he have a foster family, now that his dad was killed? I’m really hoping that Derek put himself down legally as Isaac’s guardian because that will just completely mess with his mind (like it is doing now).

Wait. Considering how many times Derek has been judged by the police, would they allow him to care for a minor? …WAIT A MINUTE. Did the police ever figure out who killed Laura? Not the viewers – we know it was Peter. But what happened on the police report about Laura’s body? We’re they like “OH WELL?”

teen wolf, tyler posey, daniel sharman, scott mccall, isaac lahey

Them watching over her was adorable. But these little things like the law… things I know you guys ignore..

Going back to the missing parents aspect. I could understand if Boyd’s parents didn’t notice that he went missing now that he’s dead because the show seems to forget Boyd’s exists unless it’s to create plans or die, but Erica’s family. ERICA’S FAMILY. DID THEY FORGET ABOUT HER TOO? Their daughter who went from having serious episodes to being super healthy who changed her look super dramaticlly? She went missing for MONTHS did the police just go “Oh well, sucks to be her?”

I’d be cool with this if the show was a bunch of teenagers, but Mama McCall and Papa Stilinkski are still a part of the work force, right? We’re just going to look past all this illgal activity for a bunch of teenagers? Stilinkski, you have no say because you don’t actually know about the werewolves, stop accidentally covering up for them!

I understand the Darack (I swear I will spell it right but today is not that day) is creepy and evil but butterflies? I … I dunno. There are just so many little issues I’ll have with a scene that if I listed then all, it would take all day. But when the doctor was trying to get the butterflies out of her face, pulling over would have been awesome. Hell, even stopping the car in the middle of traffic and probably causing another car crash would have been MORE AWESOME. But how did the car end up at the hospital? Sure, there was no driver, but did the Darak kindly drive it there, twittle his (or her) thumbs, and vanish before Scott and Ethan showed up?

The world may never know.

teen wolf

“I realize I’m trying to kidnap you but lemme help you get to work.”

Cora continues to show me that she is the most useless and emotionless character on this show which is really sad because I really WANT to like her and Jennifer Blake. But she always feels… off. I believe Hello Tailor mentioned in her review that Cora is very similar to how Dawn was introduced in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as in we’re just supposed to accept her and move on. While I watched the show about ten years after it aired, it still felt off in a different way. I get that Cora is badass and wants to help her brother but I certainly can’t tell that with this actress.

Although, if Jennifer Blake has anything besides “wanting to have sex with the hot werewolf” as a characterization, I will be very happy because, so far… that’s all we have of her.

And that she stays WAY to late at schools grading papers but still.

And is perfect bait which is another annoying thing but at least that makes sense. I wouldn’t be moving too much if someone had my neck in a stranglehold.

Derek is my favorite human being (oops character) on this show. How did he not notice the Alpha’s drawing the HUGE SYMBOL on his apartment. How did NO ONE ELSE notice a group of people hanging from a top of an apartment building drawing this? Why is Boyd suddenly giving elaborate plans? Hell, when they’re fighting Kali and then Boyd is killed (in the strangest way but I’m not getting into that), was no one worried that the back up generator was going to go on and fry them? Also, doesn’t Derek live fairly high up in this complex? Did no one complain about water damage? How did they get rid of the water?

Actually, how did they get rid of Boyd’s body???

teen wolf, tyler hochlin, Sinqua Walls, Vernon Milton Boyd IV, Boyd, daniel sharman, isaac lahey, derek hale


Although I’m very glad Dr. Deaton is not dead (and is strangely calm when it comes to being taken but that’s because he is a badass obviously), what makes Scott such a special snowflake that he is “the one”? Personally? I really like stories where the main character was not chosen because he’s all important, but because accidents happen and he has to deal with it. But FINE. I’ll deal with Scott being super special. But I hope this Alpha thing doesn’t bite us in the ass.

One more thing – Papa Stilinski needs all the dialogue in the show. A+ Dialogue from him. “Let me give it a shot” as he pulls out a gun and gives it a shot. OH MY GOD SO PERFECT.

Sheriff Stilinski, Linden Ashby, teen wolf

“Let me give it a shot.” I LOVE YOU AND YOUR PUNS SIR.

Final Thoughts:

  • I really don’t think Lydia has any magical talent. Especially after this episode, I think all her talent was derived from Peter, which was why she could find him and help him out.
  • Stiles is going to end up with some magic. I really think so.
  • WHY DOESN’T PAPA STILINSKI KNOW ALREADY OH MY GOD. Scott couldn’t cross the line, right? Doesn’t it look weird that he couldn’t? COME ON PAPA STILINSKI?
  • I may have been right about Gerard, but man I have never seen a more boring return. Can he stop sitting around and coughing and practically dying and just kick ass please. Ugh.
  • Papa Argent was in A+ form tonight, as always.
  • None of the werewolves smelled Derek on Miss Blake and made rude commentary. I am disappoint.

Yeah, sorry to anyone who reads this (*cricket noises*) that this was so late. I’m working on catching up for this weeks episode, because if someone dies like this again on Monday, there’s no way I’m waiting two weeks to scream about it.

Man I was angry.

But onto the next episode, where women we barely know get shoved into refrigerators YAY.

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