RECAP: Teen Wolf – Visionary

29 Jul


I’m late with this (duh), but this season’s tagline “This Might Hurt” was not a lie. But not in how they want it to hurt. It does hurt that characters I like are being tortured but seriously? Thats’ the storyline we went with?

teen wolf, stiles Stilinski, stiles, tyler hoechlin, derk hale, dylan o'brien

How many times do we have to see Derek practically in tears until it’s someone else’s turn?

I am seeing around on le interwebs how, since the story was emphaizied as maybe not the “whole truth” that we might be missing something vital, such as who is actually the main character in this story, but let us delve into the story and continue to go, what in the world.Derek. Derek. Derek. Peter Peter Peter. Paige Paige Paige (okay I’m done with this.)

If Derek was really in love with this Paige, what was Kate? Kate was around him about age 16-18, which, hahaha, is the age Derek is supposed to be in this flashback. Did he go from loving Paige to going like “I SHALL MOVE ON AND BE WITH THIS OLDER WOMAN?” Wasn’t half the issue with Kate that Derek was really in love with her? I know when you’re young you can feel like you’re in love really easily but jeez that was quick.

Wow that makes me sound old.

teen wolf

I still can’t believe young Derek was such a jerk. I can’t even say it doesn’t fit because all Derek does now is mope

Also Ennis. It’s nice to see you’re back. But… you’re back. Wouldn’t Derek have recognized Ennis as the person that ending up killing his love EVEN IF it’s been a few years? And how old is that man supposed to be? He looks the same.

Speaking of looking a little young, YOUNG PETER wow, you certainly look youthful. Did they not want to hire a different actor because that would confuse us? How old is Peter, anyway? Is it a Hale family tradition to lurk around high schools? That’s… really not okay.

Teen wolf, peter hale

I wondering if Derek and Peter add lurking to their resumes when they’re trying to find jobs cause they are really good at it.

What really bothered me about this episode was PAIGE and her being shoved into a fridge. Good job show. Killing off a minority AND a woman two episodes in a row. I would high five you, show, but I’m too busy being filled with rage.

But if we look past this terror to see the girl they killed off, she was… unique. I loved how she went from “I’m not dealing with this basketball asshole” to sneaking around in abandoned creepy buildings with him. Seriously. No. She seems like she’s a smart girl. No smart girl runs around in abandoned looking warehouses unless they are in a horror movie and they’re going to die at the end of the — oh. Well. Alas for Paige.

teen wolf, paige, derek hale

To be fair, even she admitted something weird was happening in the town. That’s what you get for hanging in abandoned warehouses – murdered by werewolves.

Even though she died, she had devotion to live. I mean, after being bitten, losing the ability to use her legs, and ending up all sorts of bloody up, she still has the strength to crawl away. Wow.

But how about we look at Mama Hale, a phrase I never thought I would utter during this show because showing people’s family is far too light hearted for a character like Derek.

Mama Hale …from what we’ve seen of her, is bad ass. And… slightly… neglectful? I mean, if Ennis ended up turning Paige into a werewolf, would that really put him in her graces? Why is she so cool with her son being indirectly invovled in some innocent girl’s murder? She reacted to his eye change like “Well son, shit happens.” Yeah. It does. Being the cause of a girl’s death is not something that HAPPENS, MAMA HALE.

teen wolf, mama hale, talia hale

Mama Hale’s word in law.

Also, Peter.

What do I think? Besides the camera angles that showed off Ian’s face quite nicely?

I think that the story was Peter’s. I mean, a lot of people have said that. But the way he describes the entire story was really too involved like he was there for parts that he phyiscally shouldn’t have. I… I guess I feel like I want it to be his story because putting more sadness into Derek’s past is too depressing. Like, we’re kicking a dog while it’s down. Is there any reason to keep giving him sad stories when his entire life is a plethora of sad? What’s the point?

Teen wolf, peter hale, an Bohen

Not going to lie, I really like this shot. Really really well done. Also way to be too attractive, Peter.

Also if the blue eyes is from killing an innocent life, couldn’t Derek’s eyes be blue because he accidentally helped to murder his entire family? I’m just saying.

Deucalion. I want to see his evil side and I don’t want to continue to go to flashbacks to do so. Also him beating up Scott in an abandoned classroom (last episode) was so random. He is going the route of being mysterious and trying to be badass but it only works because of that beautiful accent.

…what was I saying?

Oh yes.

In my opinion, he was far far far too nice and if they think that this quick descent into madness will sustain us (or me in particular) for why he’s crazy, they are mistaken. He was willing to think that Crazy Grandpa Gerard was willing to see the good in people, and now he’s apparently able to murderize people without a second thought. I want to see him go completely crazy.

And brutally murdering one person is a start yeah, but come on. CRAZY.

Deucalion, Gideon Emery, teen wolf

And to think that Deucalion looked like this – still attractive, and not 100% cray cray

How does Gerard know how Deucalion sees? Did he reach into his eyeballs and check? Did Deucalion invite him for tea after having his eyes stabbed out? Why did his eyes start sparking when being stabbed out?

Why is it that Kali, even in this flashback, is practically still useless. I want to like her but…


Final Thoughts:

  • Whatever show Tyler Hoechlin is on next, I want his character to be super happy and having good days, and running around town with a smile on his face. Let him be cast in a comedy. He’s getting too used to looking super sad and that’s making ME sad.
  • I understand Stiles is curious, but literally, why was he the one asking about Derek’s past? I realize he explained why in the beginning but…

Either way, with this post it is now time to get ready for next week (actually this week actually TONIGHT’S) episode. Will there be sexual tension between Allison and Isaac? Will Gerard stop being useless?

Also now that I know the return date (Jan 2014) of the next twelve episodes, how will this show do in competing with winter shows verses summer shows? That’s actually going to be incredibly interesting because Teen Wolf  has only had to compete with reruns and shows that, while they hit the right target market, are not the 100% same. How will the ratings do?

Also the fact that this season has been split into two. Will it feel like two 12 episode seasons or will Jeff Davis be enough of an jerk to give us a huge cliffhanger?

I bet he will.

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