RECAP: Teen Wolf – The Girl Who Knew Too Much

31 Jul

We’re going to jump right into this because a lot happened this episode but two things.

1) I should be done with this show because spoilers, they kill off another women and/or person of color.


2) When the reveal was revealed, I was so proud of myself for guessing like, six episodes in advance. And then I wasn’t so proud because why did I know that the villain was the villain so long ago. It wasn’t even hints, it was like “This character literally has no characterization in this show so unless they’re evil, they have no point to be here.”

…Wow that’s actually a few characters that have been introduced THAT’S AWKWARD.

teen wolf, the girl who knew too much

Even though Stiles said he knew her, did we? Now, we never will.

I might as well say it because I practically said it: WOW THIS EPISODE. So we have:

  • Jennifer Blake going from being kidnapped and having sex with Derek to being the evil Darach (I SPELLED IT RIGHT!).
  • Derek being probably the most adorable I have ever seen him in this entire show. Seriously. I was getting sick at him being so cute and then I felt like an asshole cause his life sucks (and will get worse).
  • Lydia being told she was a banshee (which is funny because why did no one hear her every OTHER time she screamed in this show which was…. a lot.),
  • Awkward sexual tension between Isaac and Allison. ;D
  • Papa Stilinski FINALLY figuring it out and being kidnapped/killed. AND
  • Cora… being… … man, I hate to say useless, but she was useless again. Gosh darn.

Let’s see if I can take these one at a time. Minor things first:

I don’t understand how Derek can have such terrible luck with women. I actually really mean that. The Paige incident from last episode happened when he was 15. The Kate incident happened, according to the show, when he was under aged, ie at the oldest 17. He either falls in love reeeeeeally quickly or something is off.

But restating something I mentioned last episode – Tyler Hoechlin’s character needs a hug and the opportunity to do shows where he is a loving and supportive character. Because I cannot. I feel so bad for this actor. SMILE. YOU LOOK SO NICE WHEN YOU SMILE.

derek hale, teen wolf, haley webb, jennifer blake, darach, tyler hoechlin


The music at the end of the episode when shit was getting real – did the sound designer watch The Dark Knight Rises right before deciding which music to use and went “huh! I quite like this chanting. I SHALL TAKE!”?

When Aiden said “You know we’re not really high school students,” I cackled because well… look at them.

Now. Onto some points.

I was so ready to commend Haley Webb for a really good acting performance of not letting us even believe that she could have anything to do with being the Darach, but my google-fu won out. Not only did she not act like she wasn’t the villain the entire time, she didn’t actually know. According to an interview given with [Link!], Haley Webb did not know that she was the villain until she was handed the script for Episode 9. So it wasn’t actually good acting… it was she literally had no idea.


haley webb, teen wolf, jennifer blake, darach

“Now I know the villain. Just in time for everyone else to as well!”

Am I happy that she’s evil? Sadly, yes. When you think about it, what other characteristics has she shown towards the plot? She can apparently heal Derek by having le sex, she goes to a therapist, and she’s a kind of terrible teacher (seriously? Metaphors and idioms? I learned that in 7th grade, she’s teaching 11th. …Granted my 7th grade teacher was crazy BUT STILL), she apparently has short term memory (remember the no cell phone rule? I saw you taking a call in the middle of class, Scott), and terrible hearing (like right after she stepped out of frame Scott and Stiles start talking).

So what else would she be put evil? And if not evil, she would be useless.

But now that she’s evil, I must say. Costuming did a fabulous job on her outfit. Me gusta. And I did like how she acted once she was revealed. I was just very disappointed that she wasn’t acting the entire time.

Hell, Alan Rickman knew about Snape’s intentions early on. He just didn’t say a word for years.

Moving on to Cora. Oh Cora, what are we going to do with you. Not healing — WAIT A MINUTE how the hell they they get her into the hospital. She’s been missing for years and suddenly shows up? Whose insurance did they use? What did they put her down as?

Sorry, sorry.

Adelaide Kane, cora hale, stiles stilinski, stiles, lydia martin, holland roden, dylan o'brien

I’m sure that weight wasn’t THAT heavy…

Anyway, her lack of healing better be crucial to the plot and not just so we could (literally) knock her out of the way from being able to help/grow her character. It feels like she’s there to make Derek feel like having a family again, but not actually… have to interact with his family. She only did one outburst early when she was like “What was the point of coming back” BUT WHERE WERE YOU. If the show doesn’t go into telling us where the hell she was, then they’re ignoring a crucial point that is really noticeable.

I bet she’s a ghost which is why she couldn’t heal.

Yes, it makes sense because ghosts can be hit by things, hush.

THE STILINSKI’S ARE RIDICULOUS. I don’t even feel bad for anyone except for Papa Stilinski because he’s tired of all this shit happening when he doesn’t have time for it. And Stiles? Seriously? Why would you waste his time? Just go “HEY CORA turn into a werewolf” and then she would.

Or she would collapse.

Adelaide Kane, cora hale, stiles stilinski, stiles, dylan o'brien

I did like her dramatic fall out of frame though.

But what he should have done (what I thought he would done if it wasn’t for the dramatic tension) would be to sit his dad down with Mama McCall and Scott, have Scott transform, and when his dad freaked out, have Mama McCall hand him a strong brandy or something and say that she’s known for a while. THAT is how you calmly introduce someone into the world of the supernatural. You do not set up a chess board because your crazy English teacher brought up an IDIOM AND YOU WANTED TO USE IT COME ON.


stiles stilinski, papa stilinski, sheriff stilinski, dylan o'brien, linden ashby

I don’t know how how Papa Stilinski listened for even this long.

Wait. Maybe the reason the werewolves didn’t smell the fact that Derek had sex with Miss Blake was because SHE’S THE DARACH (I bet that’s not it, but it works now!).


Papa Stilinski is such a boss. Man took a knife to the chest and he stood up to keep fighting. Though I always love dramatic shows of strength. Like how suddenly Stiles could get through the door just as his father disappeared. Was that to mimic how last season ended, when Stiles dad was searching for Stiles?

Also when Papa Stilinski went up to Mama McCall (who called him “handsome.” Which he is. But are we going to see Mama McCall with someone who isn’t creepy Peter? …Did they ever explain Peter to her, anyway…?) to ask for the data on ONE specific girl in the woods ten years ago… when did he learned that he needed this data? Was there ANYTHING before that told him that he needed this data?? Is this the only consistency in this show, but I’ve been so confused by the others that I didn’t know???

teen wolf, linden ashby, sheriff stilinski, melissa mccall,

I’m sure they explained it really well in an episode before. But considering they’ve pulled this before, I don’t trust them.



jr bourne, papa argent, teen wolf, chris argent


Lydia. how many times have you screamed on this show and no one has heard you but suddenly you scream and Derek does the neck snap of power. That was probably my favorite shot. like, they didn’t have enough time to let Derek DO anything in the past few episodes but look concerned and make out with Jennifer, but they worked enough time in for him to neck snap.

teen wolf, derek hale, tyler hoechlin

Probably my favorite part of this episode.

But! How have her parents never heard her? …Where ARE her parents?

Also a little research behind being a banshee means Lydia has the worse power ever. She literally can figure out if there’s a dead body going to appear or a dead body around. Wow. I mean, it works because she’s surrounded by people who can literally kick ass but I wouldn’t want that power. Sorry Lyds! That’s really kind of terrible.

lydia martin, teen wolf, holland roden

It’s a terrible party trick.

However, this poses an interesting dilemma. No longer do we have three “humans” in the pack of our main characters. Allison is technically human, yes, but she’s a hunter and is kicking more ass than is probably legal. Lydia is now known to be a banshee. Danny wasn’t invited to San Diego Comic-Con, so he doesn’t even count (Sorry Danny).

That means Stiles is going to be something and I’d bet you that it shows up reeeeally soon. With his dad being taken, what else does he have left to lose? That, along with the whole emissary aspect, and the mountain ash foolishness from last season… what will Stiles end up being?

Teen wolf, stiles stilinski, stiles, dylan o'brien, tyler posey, scott mccall

Cause you know he’s pissed and now that he has nothing left to lose, things are going down.

Final Thoughts:

  • Jeff Davis has been dropping hints that Derek is older than we think. That just means that in his possible years and years of being alive, he still has no luck with women.
  • Apparently Scott/Allison/Isaac will be a thing?? I hope it doesn’t carry over to next season, and if it does, I hope Crystal and Daniel are cool with that because awkwaaaard.
  • Why are all the dads in this show so attractive. I cannot.
  • Miss Morrell, even if she is old enough to BE the guidance counselor, she really doesn’t look like it. Especially since she she plays teenagers on other shows.

LOOK AT ME. Going from two weeks late to two days. I’m so proud. :D Hope you enjoyed this episode because I know I did (if by “enjoy” you mean “screamed at the screen at all the inconsistencies in”).

Tune in next week to see that Cora is still sick in the hospital and therefore, still useless.

Also way to spoil the Darach revealing, Wikipedia!


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