RECAP: Teen Wolf – The Overlooked

7 Aug

Unfortunately for us, dear readers, the phrase “the overlooked” isn’t just applicable to the title of this episode. In fact, many little plot problems in this episode were completely overlooked. Forgotten about. Missed. Wait someone might harm my Papa Argent OH HELL NO.

We begin the episode with Mama McCall being badass as hell, calmly dealing with trees flying in through windows LIKE A BOSS. She takes over for a doctor whose family is in a town that is under flood watch. ..wait. Wait is he okay? HOW IS YOUR FAMILY SIR??

Melissa McCall, Melissa Ponzio, teen wolf

Mama McCall is on the case!

Also half thank you half thanks for nothing show, for the reunion of Peter Hale and Melissa McCall. it would have been nice it that reunion was longer than five seconds but it’s always nice to see a character who hasn’t forgotten that as smooth talking and attractive Peter Hale is, he’s an undead dick who killed his niece for power.

Melissa McCall, Melissa Ponzio, Peter Hale, Ian Bohen,

Yeah, like a resolution for that will ever happen.

We cut to Jennifer running dramatically into Derek’s arms. “Don’t believe what Stiles and Scott have to say!” She exclaims as Derek pulls her into a kiss. After a moment she pulls away and angrily proclaims that they’re already there. Geez Derek. I realize you’re a good actor but they told you what she was. Ew. Go wipe your lips off.

After Scott throws some magical mistletoe he got from Deaton (when did they have time to go to Deaton and then to Derek’s before magically the disappearing Jennifer??) and Derek actually sees who (or what) he had slept with he freaks out and begins to strangle her. Because sleeping with Kate was sleeping with a metaphorical monster, but Derek has now crossed the line and slept with an actual monster. Ew.

teen wolf, scott mccall, dylan o'brien, stiles stilinski, tyler posey

….No really, how did he have the time to get that??

Derek begins strangling her which I was all for. Who cares about healing Cora, she literally has done nothing this season. Take her down! But Stiles had apparently been studying at the Dean Winchester School of Dramatic Tears ™, because my god. Dylan O’Brien’s eyes were shaking with unshed tears and it was fabulous.

But what literally made me turn away and crack up laughing was the fact that as per Jennifer’s request, while she was still being held in the air by her neck, Derek apparently pulled out his phone, dialed, and had a full conversation. While still holding her up. Jesus Derek.

Tyler hoechlin, teen wolf, derek hale, jennifer blake, haley webb

“Hang on babe, lemme finish this call.”

After it is decided that Derek needs to visit his sister at the hospital, they all rush over in… Wait. Wait whose car was Derek driving?? Was it Jennifer’s? Did she drive over? I thought she teleported. WHOSE CAR DID YOU STEAL, DEREK?

Anyway, Jennifer is trying to talk to him and Derek might as well pout his lips and turn up the Linkin Park and Evanescence because that is how he’s acting.

“You need to know how connected we really are,” Jennifer pleads, and the five year old in me giggles and adds “you like you were when you had sexxxx. ;D” I’m super nature, I know. Regardless, Derek turns up the volume on the song “My Immortal,” and begins to cry. On the inside.

Teen wolf

No, really guys. Whose car is this???

Also this is going to make English class super awkward. Like, can Jennifer just fail all of the werewolves now? Like “You’ve discovered my plan, F’s FOR ALL!!!” This is going to make any parent teacher conference awkward.

Let me interject that I wish I hadn’t read that Haley Webb had no idea who was the Darach until she read the script that she was. Because now it feels like she’s trying so hard to play coy and adorable when before she was actually playing it that way because she didn’t know. Also her evil look is laughable. When Derek dropped to the floor and she was like muwahahahah I have you all, I wish she had started twirling a mustache or had pulled out a cat and began stroking it, because she was that over the top.

haley webb, teen wolf, jennifer blake

I can hear her overdone cackling from here.

Guys I literally am looking at some things I scribbled down for this show and half of it is “why are these dumb asses taking the elevator something is going to happen due to the POWER OUTAGE” and then look. The power went out. Granted, Melissa McCall did it but STILL.

Also the hell kind of elevators are in this hospital. Any elevator I’ve seen never closes the doors this fast. Shit.

derek hale, jennifer blake, stiles stilinski, scott mccall, tyler posey, tyler hochelin, dylan o'brien, haley webb, teen wolf

They all look quite dry for having just run in from the rain…

Anyway, team main characters arrived at the hospital where the crew is working overtime to get their patients to safety because of the upcoming power outage (which never actually comes but is actually the result of Melissa McCall as mentioned.) Stiles rolls in with a bat looking all badass which made it better when his bat shattered on Ethan and Aiden’s combined icky self.

Le sigh

In other news, as the show goes on to make the pairing of Allison/Isaac more plausible, they are running around the school with Papa Sexy. Excuse me. Papa Argent. They have to get out of the school – wait. Wait wait wait. They’re still in the school while Stiles and Scott had time to run to Deaton’s and Derek’s and then the hospital? Show. Show. This is a great time for us to talk. What the hell does Beacon Hills look like? Where are things situated? Is Derek’s apartment downtown? What IS downtown??

Allison Argent, Chris Argent, JR Bourne, crystal reed, isaac lahey, daniel sharman

“We’re the only ones not being idiots about this.”

Either way, Allison can’t be bothered to go home and be safe. Time to go to Beacon Hills Hospital to make sure things don’t go completely south!

Also did they hand wave Lydia’s existence away? Really??

Peter attempts to fight off the Alphas, but in a camera shot that needs to be done for all the men on this show (except Gerard EW), he lands in front of Derek proclaiming that he might need some help. Epic running away happens (and we learn, once again, that Derek will never win a fight against an alpha. Poor bb), as Jennifer slips into an elevator.

Peter Hale, Ian Bohen, teen wolf

Why isn’t this shot mandatory for every episode??

Excuse me. If she slipped into an elevator, it would have been sneaky. But as Stiles LEAVES HER BEHIND (you know, the person they should be guarding??), she walks backwards, slow as hell into that elevator. Still don’t understand why anyone is taking elevators with this storm, but I do not live in Beacon Hills.

Stiles, in an effort to release some steam of being pissed off from all of them losing Jennifer (it’s partially your fault, Stiles, just so you know), turns at Derek and starts yelling at him that it’s his fault because his psychotic girlfriend is going to get them all killed. It’s just like what Derek’s family must have said before they.. oh. Were all killed by his psychotic girlfriend.

Maybe Derek should never have sex again. Like. Ever.

teen wolf, derek hale, stiles stilinski, dylan o'brien, tyler hoechlin

Even so, no need to be a jerk about it, Stiles! He’s just trying to find the one. Trying… and failing really badly…

Stiles, Scott, Derek, and Peter have a (fairly terrible) plan to get Cora to an ambulance in order to save her life. Peter and Scott inject themselves with some drug that should enhance their strength (spoilers, not for long!); Stiles gets Cora into the basement garage with the ambulance (where she will continue to be uselessly unconscious the entire episode); and Derek gets his smarmy ass trapped in an elevator with Jennifer

Deucalion is apparently the only one with a brain, because he has Scott’s mom cut the power, and every idiot running around who had been using the elevators is like “Well, damn.”

As this is happening, Stiles monologues to Cora’s unconscious body (after he does some terrible attempts at CPR. He should be damn glad that it worked because he was doing it all sorts of wrong. And before anyone is like “NUH HUH,” he was doing it wrong from what I learned like, five years ago. Calm yourselves) about how he suddenly agrees that he and his team is useless. I will say that while I was ignoring half this episode, Dylan, you can actually sell this. I am glad this monologue didn’t last too long because with the dramatic music I think I might have rolled my eyes but because it was so short, it worked.

dylan o'brien, teen wolf, stiles stilinski

He’s got some magical tears, Dylan does.

We go back to Derek, who is trapped in the elevator with his… ex? Previous Lover? Crazy Celtic Goddess?? Jennifer, who is attempting to talk to him. From how Derek was acting, I would have expected him to pull out an iPod, and start blasting Linkin Park or something, while looking away from her.

Jennifer clearly didn’t know Derek well, because the superficial question would not be, “Is that her real face?” It would be “DID SHE EVER LOVE ME?” while crying to himself and looking at pictures of Kate and his dead family. And pictures of dead Paige, while we’re at it. I’m being mean, but Derek’s love life is such a cheap shot…

derek hale, jennifer blake, haley webb, tyler hoechlin

“UGH how will I listen to Bring Me to Life NOW?”

Either way, Derek better listen up because it’s what Teen Wolf does best! EXPOSITION BY NOT SHOWING IT IN THE EPISODES.

So Jennifer was Kali’s emissary, right? And Kali clearly recognized her face in this episode. This bothers me on two levels.

A) We literally knew nothing about Kali or her character exception she is an Alpha, she fights with her feet, she has been working with Deucalion for a while AND …? SHE WAS WITH ENNIS? I GUESS? That’s fine. We didn’t know too much about Matt Cameraguy until he monologued his backstory at us last season so this is a Teen Wolf tradition, unfortunately.

But. But here’s the biggest problem, the B to my aforementioned A. Kali has seen Jennifer. If the Alpha’s were to ready to kill the Darach, Hell, IF KALI COULD RECOGNIZE HER FACE regardless of knowing that she was the Darach, you’d THINK that when they kidnapped her for Derek’s need, that they might have, oh, I dunno, SAID SOMETHING.

Kali, Felisha Terrell, teen wolf

“I’m just going to forget what you look like until the time is right. Kay? Kay.”


And with that I was totally thrown from the episode. Alas. There was more.

The plot to take down the alphas/get the hell away from the alphas, done by Papa Sexy, Isaac, and Allison was, of course, amazing. I don’t know why the alphas fell for it, but that’s their job. Fall for terrible things like that. Also, Allison, did you just leave your phone in the hospital. Who is paying for you to get a new phone? Cause I know I’m not.

isaac lahey, daniel sharman

Stop rolling your eyes, Isaac. You’re not that cute. (Except you are)

Once the power has been turned back on, Derek fails, once again, at being a good boyfriend figure as his ex/Darach/Jennifer knocks him out and kidnaps Scott’s mom. Because. You know. Parent OR guardian. I don’t know how they didn’t noticed this earlier. Also isn’t Derek a guardian of Isaac, couldn’t she kidnap him? Or did she like that D too much. ;D


So Deucalion swaggers on in and tells Scott, Stiles, and the viewers that he knew this was going to happen and Scott has no hope for his mom unless they join his crusade and kick some ass. …because you totally did that when Stiles dad disappeared, right? WRONG but Scott is the main character so we don’t CARE what happens to Papa Stilinski!

Tyler posey, teen wolf, scott mccall

Omg Scott. Remember when you joined up with Gerard and it didn’t work??

Speaking of Papa Stilinski, YUM. He needs to be tied up more often uh wait what excuse me never mind. >>

Sheriff Stilinski, linden Ashby, teen wolf


Final Thoughts

  • Isaac’s line of  “she’s kinda hot” had me laughing so much. Yeah, all of you judge her. Even if Isaac thinks she’s attractive, he didn’t sleep with her OH HAI DEREK HOW ARE YOU
  • No women died this episode! YAY I don’t think minorities died this episode either. I mean, Cora was useless, but she didn’t die!
  • Um… every other sacrifice had people dying immediately. Soo what? Because these are main characters we’re going to forgo that? Yes? Okay fine.

According to next weeks preview, the Darach needs one more guardian and she might finish the trifecta of main characters with one parent and take Papa Sexy.


Shit is about to get real on Teen Wolf.  Awww man.

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Next Episode: Teen Wolf – Alpha Pact

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    I always check back on your blog after every Teen Wolf episode because your recaps are so funny! :)

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      Thank you! That’s really kind of you. :D


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