RECAP: Teen Wolf – The Alpha Pack

19 Aug

Someday, I will decide on whether these recaps are actually plot point by plot point recaps or just a mention of important aspects of the episode.


We begin this dramatic episode with some pounding music that accompanies Stiles attempting to slap Derek awake. When that doesn’t work, he curls his hand into a fist to punch Derek awake and Derek magically wakes up for that. There are either some unfortunate implications that go with that or his wolfy senses were a-tingaling, because that was weird.

teen wolf, derek hale, tyler hoechlin

Slapping just isn’t good enough for Derek.

Stiles yells that he’s going to be the one to hold off the police so Derek needs to get his ass up out of there, which confuses me. Why is Stiles holding off the police? What is he holding off the police for?? Sure, there was a fight at the hospital and he’s there, but it’s not like he’s the one who fought/had a connection to them (that they know of).

Also does this hospital have video cameras? No? Of course not! How would Stiles be able to explain anything at all with those useful devices.

Cut to Isaac and Peter sitting in a car waiting for the Argents, which makes it seem weird when Peter suddenly learns that they are, in fact, waiting for the Argents. “Wasn’t the last time you saw them you killed Kate?” Isaac expositates to the audience. Peter, suddenly remembering that, gets the hell out of dodge just as Derek pulls up in the car that, I’m assuming, he stole from Jennifer because that is not his Camaro.

Daniel Sharman, teen wolf, isaac lahey, peter hale, ian bohen

…Wait does Isaac even have his drivers permit??

Oh yeah, and Allison learns that Scott is gone, but considering how little she’s seen him this season, I don’t really know why she even bothers anymore.

Stiles is sitting in the hospital, when Douchy McDoucherson strolls into the hospital. I couldn’t tell which told me more about him – his forehead, his beady gaze, his FBI badge, or Stiles’ eye roll when he walked in. I think it was all of the above. We quickly learn that Stiles and Douchy (who will be named as such because was he given a name I don’t think so) have some sort of history together, as Stiles quips with his willingness to give his dad a field sobriety test “Starting with F and ending with U.” That was a cute quip Stiles. A+.

stiles stilnski, teen wolf, dylan o'brien

How long did it take you to think up that one?

Douchy then questions if Stiles wrote the name on the door, and it cuts to the elevators closing dramatically with the word “ARGENT” on it, written in… Paint? Blood? I think blood is creepier. I don’t know why Douchy isn’t having people inspect what type of substance that is.

Also, Jennifer. That was the least cute calling card ever.

teen wolf

I wonder if we should protect the Argent family? …NAH.

Cora continues to be completely useless in this episode. Does anyone remember how she got into that hospital? SHE WAS SLAPPED IN THE HEAD WITH A WEIGHT. No one poisoned her. She was just knocked upside the head, and now she’s throwing up mistletoe. DON’T THINK I FORGOT, DAVIS.

Adelaide Kane, Cora Hale, teen wolf

Out for three-four episodes? A LITTLE DRAMATIC FOR A SLAP TO THE HEAD.

Either way, Isaac decides to let Derek know exactly how disappointed he is by pointing out how while everyone else was trying to save the day, he was getting some. Isaac, that’s not fair. It’s been … a long time since Derek got any (actually, we have no idea…) so cut him some slack. That, and he’s probably crying on the inside over the thing he slept with. It’s not totally his fault.

One thing Isaac has learned from Derek is the art of a dramatic exit, which he demonstrates as he slams (shoves closed?) Derek’s loft door, saying that while Isaac is going to help, Derek can “perfect the art of doing nothing.” I don’t know Isaac. I think Derek’s perfected that pretty well this season already.

daniel sharman, isaac lahey, teen wolf

“I can do badass oneliners as I leave AND enter a place. Try that on for size.”

Peter oozes in and suddenly we all remember that Peter used to be a villain as he mentions that Derek could transfer his Alpha power to Cora in her dying state. I’m sure there was a reason that this would some how save her, but lol no explanations for you! I don’t know why anyone agreed to do this, considering Peter was wiling to KILL DEREK’S OLDER SISTER for Alpha power. You’d think he’d feel sad about KILLING CORA if she was a sickly Alpha?

Five bucks? no.

Papa Sexy mentions that he might be a piece in Jennifer’s plan, and I think she needs to remove him from her plan. She’s already slept with Derek and kidnapped Sheriff Stilinski. She CAN’T have Papa Sexy, but he has a plan – blowing her to pieces with his gun.

Pity that when they confront her, he basically allows himself to be taken. That’s not sexy, Papa Sexy.

Lydia’s mother suddenly appears again in the show for the first time since Season 1. It’s funny, because we’re acting like we’ve seen her/acknowledged her existence/didn’t think that Lydia was living alone this entire time. Wait, was no one else? Oh, it was just me.

teen wolf, holland roden, lydia martin

Alright, Tyler’s mom from The Vampire Diaries. Whatever you say.

Papa Sexy loses one sexy point when he pulls out a taser and hurts Isaac before spouting that Jennifer was ‘NSync with the currents. …In sync, excuse me. He ends up being correct as The Dark Knight Rises soundtrack comes back in full force and Jennifer steps in.

The Allison/Isaac force is strong with this episode, and it just makes me so much more excited for next season once Crystal and Daniel have broken up and it’s awkwaaard.

Stiles has a panic attack in the middle of school when he learns that Jennifer has kidnapped Papa Sexy, and this show continues to show that one of it’s actors know what acting is. Well, that and whoever edited it. I really did love the sound editing and the visuals of what Stiles was seeing of having a panic attack. Though Lydia’s attempt to help was… …

Well, I was okay with the methods used (I mean, her trying to talk him out of it was … not helpful at all. Though I’m glad the the shock helped). Let’s say that. I’m even okay with the “holding your breath can stop a panic attack” usage. Heck, i’m EVEN okay with the fact that they kissed. They’ve actually gotten closer this season in a not creepy way – like Stiles doesn’t seem to worship her anymore.

Actually, my one beef was the overpowering of the music that swelled as the kiss happened. It was like “BAM. KISS. DEAL WITH IT.”

teen wolf, stiles stilinski, dylan o'brien, lydia martin, holland roden

It’s like “KIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSS” and I get it show. They’re kissing. That’s awesome.

PAPA SEXY IS TIED UP. AWWW YEAH. I’m okay with Jennifer kidnapping him for this. Though when she starts to lean in close and spouting off the Argent family motto, she needs to take several steps back. Like a few miles. That’s not cute. And it’s not like we haven’t heard this before.

Even as Peter tries to explain the entire plot of the season (Jennifer forcing Derek to rely on her), Derek does not care. Derek cares a lot more about his… family? I still don’t believe Cora is actually his family because where has she been all her life? What has she been doing? Are we just not supposed to question this?? Cause if Cora ends up being evil this entire time A) her final plan was shitty, and B) it wouldn’t surprise me. Mention the important plot point this entire time.

WAIT I KNOW. Cora was brought back from the dead to be a final piece in the sacrifice to make Derek reeeeeally hate his life. That’s mean.

Back to Stiles and Lydia, they rush to the guidance officer to see… wait a minute. This girl was friends with that girl who died that I don’t remember her importance from the beginning! (spoilers: she was apparently an old friend of Stiles and a virgin.) …Does she even GO to this school?

teen wolf, lydia martin, holland roden, stiles stilinski, dylan o'brien

I don’t think so.

Regardless, we realize that Lydia is not crazy nor has she been drawing a tree, but a… Mnemoton. A… a what? Apparently Stiles knows that both Derek and Peter will know about it as Douchy rolls back into frame. I wonder if Douchy has anything of important with the main story line. I’M SURE NOT.

Lydia strolls into Derek’s place and is immediately confronted by Peter, a move that Jeff Davis apparently admitted to the actress he had forgotten there was any problem with that. Luckily, our actors remember more of their history than the show runner, so while the scene is awkward, it’s not completely like “Oh yeah do I know you?”

teen wolf, holland roden, lydia martin, ian boden, peter hale

But maaaaaaaan this scene was awkward and it actually should have been more so…

We see Miss Morrell being just as badass as always as she runs away from the Alphas, admits she was the one who brought in the Badass Black Women (or did i name her Kick Ass Black Woman? I won’t remember. It’s been so long since we’ve seen her), and survives a Deucalion STABBING HER IN THE CHEST. She’s slowly but surely earning back her awesome points.

Also Sheriff Stilinski, asking Papa Sexy if he’s been tied up before… ;D However, this humor is completely negated when we learn the truth about Stiles mother, Claudia (well, I guess most of the truth? We don’t know what she died of or how old she was or if she was a bookworm or a video game player before she passed), and how he was confronted with a magical person, who told him that his wife was dying and if he left now, he could make it in time to see her. I understand that he’s clearly upset for not following this random person’s crazy advice, but any sane person… wouldn’t. Like, who was that person who died and why did they know about his wife??

We will never ever know.

linden ashby, sheriff stilinski, teen wolf

But that makes him sad which makes me sad. :(

Scott, Stiles, and Allison (and Deaton, who I swear to god is crazy and why do these characters trust him) devise a plan to save their parents. They will practically go to death and switch … minds? Bodies? Souls? with their parents and they will be the sacrifice but undo the sacrifice by not literally dying. This scene is ridicolous.

Why does anyone on this show trust Deaton. I mean, obviously, he’s super trustworthy except this is the second time this season he’s brought someone to the brink of death with little to no emotion on his face. If he messes up, what is it? Lol oops?

Also, the emotional turmoil on Scott’s face when Lydia is paired off with Stiles, which in turn means that Allison is paired off with Isaac, leaves me little to no hope for a three some. Scott actually looks kind of betrayed (which he should!!), and will that influence Isaac’s choice to stay/leave with Derek?

Scott McCall, Tyler Posey, Allison Argent, Crystal Reed, Daniel Sharman, Isaac Lahey, teen wolf

I’m still disappointed at what will be a lack of threesomes in this shows future.

We also discover, as Scott, Stiles, and Allison sit shivering in their tubs of ice water, that Douchy, the FBI agent from the eariler part of the episode, is Scott’s father.

Actually no wait, they never expicitly say that. Stiles just says that Scott’s father is in town and then the show cuts to Douchy sitting in Scott’s room. So either Douchy IS Scott’s father… or he just broke into Scott’s house. … … I don’t know which is worse.

teen wolf, Matthew Del Negro, Rafael McCall

“I’ll wait here forever if I have to…”

AND WITH THAT (and another scene where Derek’s eyes turn BLUE AGAIN from transferring his powers to Cora) this episode is complete.

teen wolf, tyler hoechlin


Final Thoughts:

  • Why is ANYONE okay with trusting Peter??? He is obviously evil and has been shown as such.
  • Papa Argent needs to be tied up more.
  • Omg ew. Scott’s dad’s actor went to my college’s rival. ugh, I knew he was evil.
  • I did actually appreciate that Lydia/Stiles kiss. I was so annoyed by the music in this episode though. Like… we get it’s romantic. Just like we understood that shit was getting real. You can stop blasting techno at us.
  • Will I be watching this show as it airs in the Winter?

I guess that answer deserves more than just a bullet point. Although I want to do recaps/reviews of many shows and Teen Wolf has been the only one I’ve done so far, I am curious. With the ridicolous twists and turns this show has given us this season, I feel like it’s going down a much darker and serious path than it is ready to take. Does that mean I won’t be watching? I probably will, because I am ridic like that. But it may not be on my first thing to watch, or I may not watch it the day it comes out.

Though it probably doesn’t seem like I do that now, huh?

Alas! Midseason finale next week TOMORROW WHO’S EXCITED?

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Next Episode: Teen Wolf 3×13 – Lunar Eclipse

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