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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Lunar Eclipse

28 Sep

I do realize that by now, uploading a recap of the midseason finale of Teen Wolf, Season 3A (is that what we’re calling it? I’m not calling it that. That’s lame), is kind of sad. It’s been almost a month since the last episode came out, why am I just uploading this recap now?

Because I am a lazy college student who is not being paid for this…?

teen wolf, Deucalion, Gideon Emery

Though I do love hearing your voice. Yum.

But in all honesty (besides that. Because that is pretty darn honest), the episode 3.12, Lunar Eclipse signified for me everything that has been bothering me in season three, Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf, for me, used to be a terrible but fun TV shows that I would watch with friends. There was a thin line between taking itself too seriously and being ridiculous and it never managed to stray into the “taking itself too seriously” territory (or maybe it did and I was too busy laughing to notice). But now, this show’s mythology is all over the place, people are dying faster than the writers can give them backstories, and it’s just not… fun anymore.

So this probably won’t actually be a recap, but just me questioning a few things that have bothered me and culminated in this midseason finale.

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26 Sep

Even though there are some issues that I personally have with the entire film, you have to admit that the trailer is kind of adorable.


And now, in case you’re curious, here’s a international cut of a much shorter trailer.

Notice anything different? Anything at all? How about the fact that in the American trailer, you have no idea who the villain could possibly be until Anna proclaims that it’s “her sister” randomly at the end of the trailer, while in the French version, you immediately can tell that the sister, Elsa, has been cursed, and the Anna is on a quest to save her?

You didn’t notice that? Well, hmm. How about the fact that the annoying as hell side character is practically non-existent in the French trailer?

If you’re thinking it’s just the French trailer, fear not! It’s not. All the international trailers are focusing on the fact that  Anna is going on a quest to save the kingdom from what her older sister has done, while the American trailer is all about jokes, side characters, and (what the writers must assume are) witty quips that the characters say throughout the film.

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Review: Sleepy Hollow

25 Sep

Often with new television shows, the pilot episode alone never succeeds in hooking the average person. Instead, potential viewers watch the first few episodes, seeking a sample of the series before determining whether or not they will commit to the full season. As a result, I have decided to look at some of the new shows that will come out during the fall and make some predictions about their longterm success.

Today I’ll examine Fox’s new Monday night drama, Sleepy Hollow.

Tom Mison, Ichabod Crane, Nicole Beharie, Abbie Mills, Orlando Jones, Captain Frank Irving, Katia Winter, Katrina Crane, John Cho, Andy Dunn, Sleepy Hollow, Fox

Minorities! Minorities everywhere you look!

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Upcoming New Fall Shows I’m Excited About

15 Sep

Did you notice the title? Shows I’m excited about. Me. MEMEME. Not all the shows, not the best sounding shows, but shows I’m ready to watch for either the most random reasons or because why in the world not.

If you’re interested, I may/may not do recaps on some of these shows. Probably Sleep Hollow. BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED and will be so disappointed if it’s terrible. :(

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13 Sep

Let me just say this before I start – if you are not a fan of sex in movies, HAHAHAH do not see this film. I mean, if you can handle movie sex and some other explicit images make you a little nervous, you may even want to stay away. But other than that…

It was…

I… I don’t know? I think I liked it? I felt an overload of attempted New Jersey accents and the accents were so defined they were like a slap to the face? (I went to the film with someone from New Jersey who was grimacing at how accurate the accents were so A+?).  I mean I had problems with it, but I’m still thinking about the film, right?

I can hear the accents from here.

I can hear the accents from here.

My Score: 6/10

Metacritic: 57%

See if: If you like JGL and you’re okay with sexual scenes (and unique New Jersey accents), go right ahead.

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