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REVIEW: Riddick

8 Sep

….I honestly have no advice. If you’re looking for a crazy; what in the world am I watching oh my god DID HIS ARM JUST EXPLODE FROM crazy; I’m kind of bored I wonder what Vin Diesel could be Vin Diesel-ing about today crazy… You’ll LOVE Riddick!

Riddick, Vin Diesel

Riddick looking awesome and violent and READY TO KICK SOME ASS

My Score: 5/10

Metacritic: 48%

See If:  If you’re looking for an earth shattering good film, this is obviously not it. If you’re looking for an entertaining movie where Vin Diesel kicks probably more ass than is probably legal, and where people blow up, are decapitated, and is kinda violent, you’ll love it.

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