Upcoming New Fall Shows I’m Excited About

15 Sep

Did you notice the title? Shows I’m excited about. Me. MEMEME. Not all the shows, not the best sounding shows, but shows I’m ready to watch for either the most random reasons or because why in the world not.

If you’re interested, I may/may not do recaps on some of these shows. Probably Sleep Hollow. BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED and will be so disappointed if it’s terrible. :(

Shows I Am SO Excited About:

Almost Human (FOX)

The sad thing is I don’t know half the plots of these tv shows, which you will discover… now. But. In Almost Human, you have Michael Ealy as a beautiful robotic character and Karl Urban as an angry (I think?) character who doesn’t trust humans? I’m think an iRobot feel but with less Will Smith and plastic robots and more attractive people.

Also? We have two characters who aren’t white! WHEEEEEEEE! You can’t kill off a main character within two episodes!

But also? Badasses running around with “futuristic technology” (do you seriously think we’ll be there in 35 years? That’s scary), while being snarky and attractive? Yes.

(Premieres November 4th, 2013)

Sleepy Hollow (FOX)


Tom Mison, Ichabod Crane, Nicole Beharie, Abbie Mills, Orlando Jones, Captain Frank Irving, Katia Winter, Katrina Crane

If you listen closely, you can hear my screams in the background.

Why, yes, I was that weird little kid who really loved The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. I don’t know why – I just thought it was a really cool story, whether Icabod Crane lived till the end or not. Also? I never saw the Johnny Depp version. Sorry.

So we have Tom Mison, as Icabod Crane (who is quite, quite attractive) Nicole Berharie as Abbie Mills (who I LOVED in the film Shame. Omg so gorgeous). ORLANDO JONES as Some Captain (I don’t even care what he does he’s ORLANDO JONES), and Katia Winter as… I guess Icabod’s wife, Katrina.

But two women and two people of color in top billing? YES! …Wait? There’s more? JOHN CHO WILL BE IN THIS SHOW???

I am really excited now.

(Though I do realize what they’re doing by pairing up Icabod Crane and Abbie Mills and making them work together – since he’s from the 18th century and she’s a black woman – HAHAHA hijinks of awkward sexist and racial commentary will ensue. I really hope it’s done well because if not, it will…. … suck.)

(Premieres September 16th, 2013)

MARVEL’S Agents of Shield (ABC)

Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, Brett Dalton, Chloe Bennet, Iain De Caestecker, Elizabeth Henstridge

On the one hand, yay equal parts women! On the other – wow, that’s a … lack of color.

Is it awful that, while I’m excited about this show, I’m not that excited? Like, it’s Joss Whedon! Yay! It’s women and women of color! Yay! It’s … a lot of white men. Yay. There are no super heroes? Oh. It follows shield, my least favorite part of the Avengers? …. Oh, and Agent Coulson apparent lives after being stabbed by Loki in MARVEL’s The Avengers? (wait how is that possible?)

But since it IS Joss Whedon and it is Shield, and I half trust them not to mess this up, I will check out this show and I am a little excited. I just hope they’re not banking on people tuning in because it’s a “spin off” from the Avenger films. Granted, it’s Joss Whedon, so we know what that means!

It’ll be critically acclaimed and canceled in two seasons.

(Premieres September 24th, 2013)

Blacklist (NBC)

James Spader, blacklist

I… I dunno? I don’t really have must to be excited about for this show, but it looks like it could be possibly interesting? I heard the pilot was pretty awesome, so I’ll be checking it out.

(Premieres September 23rd, 2013)

Shows I Will Probably Not Watch

(unless the internet proclaims them amazing, forcing me to check them out)

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC)

Because did you watch Once Upon A Time? I already wasted my life on some episodes of that show, and I’ll never get that time back.

(Premieres October 10th, 2013)

Reign (CW)

If you have ever read my Teen Wolf recaps (if you haven’t… well, you haven’t), but you’d know how great of an actress I think Adelaide Kane is. She’s the lead actress in this.


(Premieres October 17, 2013)

Dracula (NBC)

Because there’s nothing more that I love than seeing shows set in the Victorian era where the only person of color is the servant. Oh goody.

(Premieres October 25, 2013)

The Originals (CW)

The Vampire Diaries used to be fun. Now it’s getting a little ridiculous. Also Klaus is my least favorite character.

(Premieres… either October 3rd? October 8th? 2013)

Betrayal (ABC)

Did you say Revenge/Deception? No? Oh, it’s something totally different? Yeah, sure it is.

(Premieres September 29th, 2013)

There are a ton of other shows that I could harp on, but I’m super excited for the ones I’m excited about, and … if someone offered to pay me on liking the other shows, I would take the money and run away cackling (or I would take the money and cry out of joy. I’m a college student. That’s what we do).

I realize that no one will see this, but what shows are YOU, random reader, excited about?

Either way, I know that if the networks attempt to do one more backdoor pilot from this season, I will scream and slap someone. Oh what? They’re already trying to make a backdoor pilot for the Flash from CW’s Arrow?



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  1. Anonymous September 15, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    Coulson lives??? Whaaaaat?

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