26 Sep

Even though there are some issues that I personally have with the entire film, you have to admit that the trailer is kind of adorable.


And now, in case you’re curious, here’s a international cut of a much shorter trailer.

Notice anything different? Anything at all? How about the fact that in the American trailer, you have no idea who the villain could possibly be until Anna proclaims that it’s “her sister” randomly at the end of the trailer, while in the French version, you immediately can tell that the sister, Elsa, has been cursed, and the Anna is on a quest to save her?

You didn’t notice that? Well, hmm. How about the fact that the annoying as hell side character is practically non-existent in the French trailer?

If you’re thinking it’s just the French trailer, fear not! It’s not. All the international trailers are focusing on the fact that  Anna is going on a quest to save the kingdom from what her older sister has done, while the American trailer is all about jokes, side characters, and (what the writers must assume are) witty quips that the characters say throughout the film.

When I first watched this trailer, I was ready to be upset that this movie was going to be so light hearted and goofy that it would make Tangled look like a dark and scary film in comparison. However, when not looking at a trailer that looked like it was created in the same vein as a Dreamworks film, with the one-liners, the witty characterization that is more annoying that witty, and that damn side character that literally no one wants to deal with, Frozen actually looks like an interesting film!

Then… then why didn’t we get this trailer? Why did the international audiences get a trailer that gives more of a story in 50 seconds that the 2 minute long trailer does? In fact, why did international audiences get this trailer back in July, when the only trailer we got was the little annoying snow character being … I guess one could call him adorable. I call it annoying.

Even if I don’t like this trailer, this trailer will probably bring in the right audience. I mean, I couldn’t stand the Tangled trailer and when I was dragged in to see the movie, I loved it. Maybe this will be the same result.

But if that side character is really as prominent as he is in the longer trailer… I’m going to have some problems with this movie.


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