RECAP: Teen Wolf – Lunar Eclipse

28 Sep

I do realize that by now, uploading a recap of the midseason finale of Teen Wolf, Season 3A (is that what we’re calling it? I’m not calling it that. That’s lame), is kind of sad. It’s been almost a month since the last episode came out, why am I just uploading this recap now?

Because I am a lazy college student who is not being paid for this…?

teen wolf, Deucalion, Gideon Emery

Though I do love hearing your voice. Yum.

But in all honesty (besides that. Because that is pretty darn honest), the episode 3.12, Lunar Eclipse signified for me everything that has been bothering me in season three, Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf, for me, used to be a terrible but fun TV shows that I would watch with friends. There was a thin line between taking itself too seriously and being ridiculous and it never managed to stray into the “taking itself too seriously” territory (or maybe it did and I was too busy laughing to notice). But now, this show’s mythology is all over the place, people are dying faster than the writers can give them backstories, and it’s just not… fun anymore.

So this probably won’t actually be a recap, but just me questioning a few things that have bothered me and culminated in this midseason finale.

First off, as many people have mentioned throughout the past few weeks, the amount of minorities and women dying in this show just continues to hit a high. I started mentioning it in my recaps because it was getting ridiculous in the beginning of season three, but season 3 just took this amount to new levels with the deaths of major characters, like Boyd, and characters that we knew were evil but the show didn’t care about us learning about at all, LIKE KALI. AND JENNIFER.

teen wolf, season 3, kali, Felisha Terrell

Kali is suddenly realizing that maybe she needed a better backstory.

Yes you could argue that we knew very little about … Erin? Ennis? (Ennis!) as well and he died too but he’s a man therefore I feel less bad. Was there a reason that ALL the male villains got away with a slap on the wrist (even getting their eyesight back [Deucalion] or being left alone to their own devices [PETER]), while the female ones were all killed? Like, brutally so?  Gerard crawled off end of last season and we didn’t know if he survived, but OH NO. Jennifer crawls off this season, and she has to have her throat sliced but Peter?

Like, what was the point of that? Did Gerard did anything notable this season at all? Didn’t he just sit in his wheelchair, cough, and tell stories.

ian bohen, peter hale, teen wolf

Alright Peter. Calm down. You, Gerard, and Deucalion need to stop with the dramatic shouting.

In other random thoughts, Jennifer’s plan, while really good, was executed awfully. Like, when Scott cuts in that she’s about to murderize Deucalion and he’s never seen “what she suffered”… so? Her goal was to KILL HIM, not to allow him to see how much pain she went through! So she wasted her energy giving him back his sight only for her to be killed off later. Good going. And I don’t even blame Jennifer – I blame the writing. For some reason, they really wanted Deucalion to have his sight back, but it didn’t matter what happened to Jennifer.

haley webb, derek hale, tyler hoechlin, jennifer blake, teen wolf

“Wait, shit, now how am I going to kill him??”

Also are we not going to make any comment about why Derek is the only one who can hear Lydia’s banshee scream?

Oh wait, I brought up Derek WELL. Derek. Derek Derek Derek what are we doing with your family and your character? I understand why you suddenly because a beta, to save your sister, but wait. I still don’t understand why being slapped upside the head constituted mistletoe poison. Did the show bother to explain that? No? Thought not.

Also, speaking of Alphas, so the younger sister is now an Alpha. That’s awesome. I’m glad that you weren’t able to handle the responsibility and you SUCK and forced that on your sister. I’m also glad that the show magically was able to transfer powers as an attempt to heal people. I’m not sure where that came from.

teen wolf, Cora Hale, Adelaide Kane

Congrats on not being useless anymore, just in time for you to star in a CW show.

(Wait maybe this show is trying to argue that male alphas suck cause they’re either evil or don’t have their powers anymore. MAYBE)

Also, are we not going to talk about how Scott’s magical “I’m an Alpha now!” powers are one of the worst things I have ever heard of? Why is he an alpha? Why can he suddenly push through mountain ash? Why would Deucalion suddenly stop trying to get Scott on his team just because he’s a… pure alpha? What the hell is a pure alpha? Show? SHOW EXPLAIN YOURSELF.

And yes, I’m purposely ignoring the beginning of the episode. That was terrible, and we’re not going to discuss it. But since I brought it up, there’s nothing I dislike more than when shows try to rewrite their own beginnings so things suddenly make sense for this season. (Also, if the whole point of having specific people around was to pull them out if they got too deep, what was the point of leaving them there for 16 hours???)

teen wolf, crystal reed, tyler posey, dylan o'brien, stiles stilinski, scott mccall, allison argent

“WE COULD HAVE DIED- oh wait that was the point, wasn’t it.”

…Look, I could really go on and on about the things within this episode that actually don’t make a lick of sense, but why would I?  I still don’t understand how the twins managed to survive this season, or how the main characters are all totally okay with them being in their group of friends (when they bring up Erica and Boyd, do they just awkwardly look away and not talk about it…?) . I don’t understand why the body count of women and minorities in this season was so incredibly high (and never talked about again).

People have analyze the hell out of this episode and this season, and all I feel is incredibly disappointed. I tried telling people how much fun this show was, but watching it give up on it’s own mythology and go down a drain of deal minorities and females has been incredibly disappointing.

jr bourne, papa sexy, chris argent, papa argent, teen wolf

But Papa Sexy made it through the season. Some is right in the world.

For anyone interested, I probably won’t do recaps for season 3B (or… whatever the hell it’s called), but I’ll definitely check in on this season. I want to see where in the world this show can go now.

Oh… oh dear they’re going to have a kistune? Show. Show stop, please. D:

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