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REVIEW: Vampire Academy

25 Feb vampire academy, rose hathaway, lissa dragomir, Zoey Deutch, lucy fry, Sarah hyland, weinstein company

This review contains little to no spoilers.

What’s your favorite book that’s been adapted into a movie? Is it one of the Harry Potter films? Part of The Lord of the Rings trilogy? How well do you think that they adapted? Did they stick to the plot or was the only thing similar to the book was the title of the movie? (I’m looking at you, World War Z.)

It’s importance the realize the difference between books that have been adapted into movies with the exact same plot and books that have been adapted into good movies. In that conundrum, we have the beginning of a new film series, Vampire Academy.

Well, it would have begin a new film series that might have made a lot of money if it wasn’t thoroughly and horrible crushed by The Lego Movie (and deservedly so).

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REVIEW: The Lego Movie

20 Feb the lego movie, warner bros, chris pratt, elizabeth banks, will arnett, allison brie, charlie day, will ferrel

This review contains little to no spoilers.

To anyone feeling even the slightly bit skeptical about seeing a movie about Legos, I will be the first to admit that I walked into the theater with absolutely no idea what this movie was about. All I knew was that it had Legos (duh), Batman, and Morgan Freeman. But really, that’s all you need.

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REVIEW: Sleepy Hollow Season One

4 Feb sleepy hollow, ichabod crane, tom mison, abbie mills, nicole beharie

There are little to no spoilers in this review.

I will always remember some advice a professor told me. No matter how great a story is, the ending is what sticks to you. Even if you loved the beginning and you loved the middle, if the ending wasn’t up to par, you begin to regard the media less highly than you did before. Although I found most of the season of Fox’s new show, Sleepy Hollow to be quite enjoyable, it unfortunately followed a similar pattern of having a disappointing ending.

But is the rest of the season still enjoyable? Yes! While the beginning of the show is little far-fetched (as in, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are planning to destroy the world as foretold by George Washington to Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow), everyone within this production really gave it their all. The main reason that this show was able to sell its story was because of how much effort the actors put into the show and the great rapport between the characters.

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The Importance of Diverse, Women Led Shows

3 Feb scandal, kerry washington

Do you happen to remember watching The Proud Family when you were growing up? Maybe you even caught a glimpse of That’s So Raven? I know when both shows came on, I was glued to my television screen. Back when I was a kid, I grew up with lead characters on television that looked just like me, a young black woman. As I got older, main characters like me started to disappear. Instead of the Ravens, we now have the Barney Stinsons (How I Met Your Mother) or the Walter Whites (Breaking Bad). I must have taken the amount of minorities on television for granted, because after my childhood, minorities never seemed to lead shows.

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