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Viral Videos – How Manipulative Should They Be?

22 Mar kissing viral video, viral videos,

Every once in a while, I use this blog as a class assignment. I apologize for anyone who sees this post, wondering why their Teen Wolf recaps have been interrupted (or in the case of Season 3B, not started  [because I haven’t watched this season. Spoilers? Jeff Davis is awful?) or where there film reviews are.

But this was always a pop culture blog as well as a film&tv one. Just because I forgot doesn’t mean you should forget too!

Either way, by now you’ve probably heard about the viral video where two random strangers are filmed kissing.

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REVIEW: 300 – Rise of an Empire

13 Mar 300, 300: rise of an empire, warner bros

This review contains light spoilers. 

Were you a fan of the film 300? You know the one – with the dramatic gory shots, muscular men, and creator of ever popular phrases like “This. Is. SPARTA!” along with dramatically kicking people down large pits?  You’ve also probably heard of the new one, 300: Rise of an Empire. Considering the last film ended with the death of (spoilers!) 299 Spartans and the 300th leading a battle against Xerxes’ empire, you would probably expect that this was where the sequel would pick up, right? Not only that, but we’d get ample time with the characters we already know and love?


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