I thought I should do an introduction post, just so people don’t just look at this blog and be all “who in the world is this girl, thinking she can make such snarky commentary on the entertainment industry???”

Well. I’m B, and I’m a college student who has a passion for stories. I’m a dual major in Film & Television and Business Administration with a concentration in either Marketing or Finance. Phew. That’s long. After a few years of study, I like to pretend that I actually have the ability to make commentary about media productions just because I may have made a few short films in my day (and they were terrible but we don’t talk about them. Ever).

Regardless, what you should probably know about me is that, first and foremost, I wanted (and still do) to be a novelist. I love a good, interwoven story that both intrigues and fascinates the mind. So if my reviews are much more based on character and plot, forgive me. That’s what I choose to focus on.

I am a huge fan of movies, television, video games, books, and uh, other forms of media. I’m also a huge entertainment gossip fan. If you ask me about a celebrity, ten-to-one, I have an opinion on them, I know their film background, their family history, and their favorite color.

Don’t judge, yo.

I’m currently residing in the …interesting city of Los Angeles, where celebrity sightings are the norm. Really. It’s kinda awesome. But originally I hail from the north east, more in particular, Boston, Massachusetts. There will probably be notes from me mentioning the differences between the areas, specifically how film driven this town is.

I hope you enjoy my entertainment commentary and drop a comment sometimes! I always love to know that people are reading my writing and are, at least, pretending to think I’m funny.

It makes me feel happy. :D


One Response to “About”

  1. Gabriella May 2, 2014 at 10:24 pm #

    I like your commentary :P

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