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REVIEW: How To Train Your Dragon 2

16 Jun how to train your dragon 2, httyd, httyd2, how to train your dragon, dreamworks

It’s always interesting to see how films tackle a sequel. There’s also the issue where they might take the formula of the original and simply add a new story to it (see: The Hangover 2). Or they might try an entirely different story, where nothing connects to the original. How To Train Your Dragon 2 took the higher road—using familiar elements from the first film, the story was fresh, strong, and incredibly enjoyable.

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REVIEW: Captain America – The Winter Soldier

17 Apr captain america, captain america: the winter soldier, steve rogers, chris evans, scarlett johansson, black widow, natasha romanoff, marvel

This review contains no spoilers. 

Captain America has always been, to me, the Superman of the Marvel heroes. Compared to all the other Marvel films, watching Captain America in action is like eating Wonder Bread: it looks pretty, but darn, it’s fairly dull. The first film, Captain America: The First Avenger was done as an introduction for the character, as well as a lead-in for the film, The Avengers. It was so obvious that it wasn’t created to be a standalone film that it almost hurt.

Captain America: The Winter Solider has fixed that problem.

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REVIEW: 300 – Rise of an Empire

13 Mar 300, 300: rise of an empire, warner bros

This review contains light spoilers. 

Were you a fan of the film 300? You know the one – with the dramatic gory shots, muscular men, and creator of ever popular phrases like “This. Is. SPARTA!” along with dramatically kicking people down large pits?  You’ve also probably heard of the new one, 300: Rise of an Empire. Considering the last film ended with the death of (spoilers!) 299 Spartans and the 300th leading a battle against Xerxes’ empire, you would probably expect that this was where the sequel would pick up, right? Not only that, but we’d get ample time with the characters we already know and love?


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REVIEW: The Lego Movie

20 Feb the lego movie, warner bros, chris pratt, elizabeth banks, will arnett, allison brie, charlie day, will ferrel

This review contains little to no spoilers.

To anyone feeling even the slightly bit skeptical about seeing a movie about Legos, I will be the first to admit that I walked into the theater with absolutely no idea what this movie was about. All I knew was that it had Legos (duh), Batman, and Morgan Freeman. But really, that’s all you need.

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REVIEW: Thor The Dark World

18 Nov

This review is spoiler-light because ruining an experience of Thor would be terrible.

For the record, when I originally saw Thor in summer 2011, I really didn’t enjoy it. For some reason, I saw it more than once, and what finally got me over to the dark side was the appreciation of the character, Loki, or in particular, the acting talent of Tom Hiddleston. I suppose I saw this as an attempt to show that maybe I had a bias toward the character when going into Thor: The Dark World, or maybe Tom Hiddleston is simply an amazing actor and can raise the talents of actors around him.

Who knows?

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