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REVIEW: Almost Human

19 Nov Almost Human, Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Fox

What drives you to watch a new show? Is it seeing similar concepts done differently? Watching a completely different idea and hoping the ratings are good enough that it can survive past episode four? Or is it watching one of your favorite actors play a part that you love and obviously having fun?

Initially, I had little interest in Fox’s new show, Almost Human. It was too iRobot-y for me to feel comfortable with it. When I heard that Karl Urban of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek (2009) had a leading role, I had to check it out. Plus Michael Ealy is in it, and I do love when network TV tries to bring in more people of color.

Luckily, I was excited about the leads, because, as I feared, it is very iRobot-y. This doesn’t make it bad – it just means that it has a few episodes to go before it can stand on its own. Continue reading

Upcoming New Fall Shows I’m Excited About

15 Sep

Did you notice the title? Shows I’m excited about. Me. MEMEME. Not all the shows, not the best sounding shows, but shows I’m ready to watch for either the most random reasons or because why in the world not.

If you’re interested, I may/may not do recaps on some of these shows. Probably Sleep Hollow. BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED and will be so disappointed if it’s terrible. :(

Continue reading