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REVIEW: Big Hero 6

12 Nov Hiro Hamada, Baymax, big hero 6, walt disney studios, disney

This movie is awesome. Go see it.

But actually. For all the complaining I did in my last review, Interstellar about having no people of color, Big Hero 6 had people from all walks of life and it was simply so refreshing.

To be fair, they did race-life many of the characters from the original story to make them be this diverse team, which is another issue in itself. But to see a team of kids (well, young adults if we’re being honest and one kid) working together to save the world who are not all printer paper white made me so happy I almost cried.

Well, I mean I did cry, but not over that.

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REVIEW: Thor The Dark World

18 Nov

This review is spoiler-light because ruining an experience of Thor would be terrible.

For the record, when I originally saw Thor in summer 2011, I really didn’t enjoy it. For some reason, I saw it more than once, and what finally got me over to the dark side was the appreciation of the character, Loki, or in particular, the acting talent of Tom Hiddleston. I suppose I saw this as an attempt to show that maybe I had a bias toward the character when going into Thor: The Dark World, or maybe Tom Hiddleston is simply an amazing actor and can raise the talents of actors around him.

Who knows?

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TRAILER: Thor the Dark World

23 Apr

If you know nothing about me, then you should know one thing.

I like me some super hero movies.

And there are many things to say about this recent addition to Marvel – Stage 2, so here I go. Remember – these are my opinions and I can say whatever I want because I’m a college kid with a blog and you’re not. Well, you could be but … that’s not the point.

Let me get one question out of the way before I start. I’ll admit I’m one of those fans who has been watching the films instead of reading the comics, but I’m curious – if evil creatures are blowing up the world, why aren’t the other Avengers helping?

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Way to disappear, guys. (image: guardian.co.uk)

I suppose this question could poise for Iron Man 3 and Captain America: Winter Soldier. If they were able to create this super hero team, then why couldn’t someone pop in and help out? I realize time constraints with the actors, and maybe this is addressed in the comics, but I’d like to know! If anyone does know… help a girl out? Continue reading