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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Lunar Eclipse

28 Sep

I do realize that by now, uploading a recap of the midseason finale of Teen Wolf, Season 3A (is that what we’re calling it? I’m not calling it that. That’s lame), is kind of sad. It’s been almost a month since the last episode came out, why am I just uploading this recap now?

Because I am a lazy college student who is not being paid for this…?

teen wolf, Deucalion, Gideon Emery

Though I do love hearing your voice. Yum.

But in all honesty (besides that. Because that is pretty darn honest), the episode 3.12, Lunar Eclipse signified for me everything that has been bothering me in season three, Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf, for me, used to be a terrible but fun TV shows that I would watch with friends. There was a thin line between taking itself too seriously and being ridiculous and it never managed to stray into the “taking itself too seriously” territory (or maybe it did and I was too busy laughing to notice). But now, this show’s mythology is all over the place, people are dying faster than the writers can give them backstories, and it’s just not… fun anymore.

So this probably won’t actually be a recap, but just me questioning a few things that have bothered me and culminated in this midseason finale.

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RECAP: Teen Wolf – The Alpha Pack

19 Aug

Someday, I will decide on whether these recaps are actually plot point by plot point recaps or just a mention of important aspects of the episode.


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RECAP: Teen Wolf – The Overlooked

7 Aug

Unfortunately for us, dear readers, the phrase “the overlooked” isn’t just applicable to the title of this episode. In fact, many little plot problems in this episode were completely overlooked. Forgotten about. Missed. Wait someone might harm my Papa Argent OH HELL NO.

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RECAP: Teen Wolf – The Girl Who Knew Too Much

31 Jul

We’re going to jump right into this because a lot happened this episode but two things.

1) I should be done with this show because spoilers, they kill off another women and/or person of color.


2) When the reveal was revealed, I was so proud of myself for guessing like, six episodes in advance. And then I wasn’t so proud because why did I know that the villain was the villain so long ago. It wasn’t even hints, it was like “This character literally has no characterization in this show so unless they’re evil, they have no point to be here.”

…Wow that’s actually a few characters that have been introduced THAT’S AWKWARD.

teen wolf, the girl who knew too much

Even though Stiles said he knew her, did we? Now, we never will.

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RECAP: Teen Wolf – Visionary

29 Jul


I’m late with this (duh), but this season’s tagline “This Might Hurt” was not a lie. But not in how they want it to hurt. It does hurt that characters I like are being tortured but seriously? Thats’ the storyline we went with?

teen wolf, stiles Stilinski, stiles, tyler hoechlin, derk hale, dylan o'brien

How many times do we have to see Derek practically in tears until it’s someone else’s turn?

I am seeing around on le interwebs how, since the story was emphaizied as maybe not the “whole truth” that we might be missing something vital, such as who is actually the main character in this story, but let us delve into the story and continue to go, what in the world. Continue reading