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13 Sep

Let me just say this before I start – if you are not a fan of sex in movies, HAHAHAH do not see this film. I mean, if you can handle movie sex and some other explicit images make you a little nervous, you may even want to stay away. But other than that…

It was…

I… I don’t know? I think I liked it? I felt an overload of attempted New Jersey accents and the accents were so defined they were like a slap to the face? (I went to the film with someone from New Jersey who was grimacing at how accurate the accents were so A+?).  I mean I had problems with it, but I’m still thinking about the film, right?

I can hear the accents from here.

I can hear the accents from here.

My Score: 6/10

Metacritic: 57%

See if: If you like JGL and you’re okay with sexual scenes (and unique New Jersey accents), go right ahead.

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