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REVIEW: Almost Human

19 Nov Almost Human, Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Fox

What drives you to watch a new show? Is it seeing similar concepts done differently? Watching a completely different idea and hoping the ratings are good enough that it can survive past episode four? Or is it watching one of your favorite actors play a part that you love and obviously having fun?

Initially, I had little interest in Fox’s new show, Almost Human. It was too iRobot-y for me to feel comfortable with it. When I heard that Karl Urban of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek (2009) had a leading role, I had to check it out. Plus Michael Ealy is in it, and I do love when network TV tries to bring in more people of color.

Luckily, I was excited about the leads, because, as I feared, it is very iRobot-y. This doesn’t make it bad – it just means that it has a few episodes to go before it can stand on its own. Continue reading


Review: Sleepy Hollow

25 Sep

Often with new television shows, the pilot episode alone never succeeds in hooking the average person. Instead, potential viewers watch the first few episodes, seeking a sample of the series before determining whether or not they will commit to the full season. As a result, I have decided to look at some of the new shows that will come out during the fall and make some predictions about their longterm success.

Today I’ll examine Fox’s new Monday night drama, Sleepy Hollow.

Tom Mison, Ichabod Crane, Nicole Beharie, Abbie Mills, Orlando Jones, Captain Frank Irving, Katia Winter, Katrina Crane, John Cho, Andy Dunn, Sleepy Hollow, Fox

Minorities! Minorities everywhere you look!

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REVIEW: The Host: The Sci-Fi Twilight?

1 Apr

The Host, the recent young adult science fiction film, is based on the novel, Stephenie Meyer’s first attempt at writing science fiction. Wait. Come back. It wasn’t that bad.

Diane Kruger is in it!

the host, jake abel, max irons, Saoirse Ronan

I could just hear the imaginary Teams revving up with the two men on the posters… (image: wikimedia commons)

My Score: 4.5/10

Metacritic Score: 41%

See If: You’re a fan of the Twilight series. If you’re okay spending 2 hours for a love story that is on this side of creepy.

Pros: The love story is … well, one of them is slightly adorable. The setting of the film is incredible. Some of the shots are amazing – the landscape shots actually make me want to go out and explore that area. Simply beautiful.

Cons: That damn voice over. The romance square. Some of the dialogue. Did I mention who wrote the book it’s based on?

Should I see this?:  If you’re looking for a good movie, no. If you’re looking for a romance on the level of a Twilight film (no judgment. Sometimes terrible romances are fun), then try it out. It’s deemed Sci-Fi, but there’s a lot more romance, and the science fiction elements are done about as well as the supernatural ones in Twilight.

Because one of my many talents is getting into film screenings, I managed to hop into another one, hosted (haha, pun unintentional) by Sephora. And that was some incredible marketing. They got me into the store around 5:30 to get my screening pass (which allowed me prime seats when I did get into the theater), I got a promotional bag, and, since there was a few more hours to wait, why not I stay for the free make over? And since I looked so pretty, why don’t I buy some make up?



I felt manipulated… and wanted to buy a $50 dollar eye shadow kit so badly. (image: odmrp.com)

Sorry, but I’m also a business major as well as a film/tv freak. You have to let me ramble about marketing techniques when they slap me across the face.

But I bring up the screening because the people who managed to get into this one weren’t an average audience. No. These were some dedicated fans ready to slap anyone who insulted their favorite author.

I realized early on I was in enemy territory when Stephenie Meyer’s name popped across the screen and there was a chorus of squeals.

I settled back and prepared for the worst.

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REVIEW: Oz the Great and Powerful

8 Mar
image by Collider, Oz the Great and Powerful, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weiz, James Franco, Michelle Williams

Hey one character is in here twice. OOPS SPOILERS. (image by collider.com)

I was going to put something above this picture, but I thought that anyone reading this should appreciate the visuals. If I’m being honest, I came into this film for a few of the actors (I’m looking at youu, Rachel Weisz), but I came out incredibly appreciating the production design. This fill simply looks stunning.

I was able to get into the film due to the diligent effort of the LA time’s division for pop culture, being the Hero Complex. I was given free popcorn, soda, and a specified seat so I didn’t have to slap people out of the way in order to watch this.

And then Zach Braff stopped by after the film and talked  to the audience about what it was like playing the monkey you see above, and how amazing the sets were. The fact that almost everything was a set was completely mind blowing to me, and really honed in the fact that so many people are so creative on so many different aspects of the film.

Will this film beat the current Hollywood slump? After the huge let down that Jack the Giant Slayer was to the studios, Disney has been hoping that Oz the Great and Powerful would be the film that would begin the epic rise towards the summer blockbusters. But does it do its job?


James Franco, oz the great and powerful

James Franco as the titular Oz invites you in… (image by disneydreaming.com)

My Score: 6/10

Metacritic Score: 51%

See If: You’re a fan of the original novels and want to see where it could be expanded. You like any of the main cast. You’re willing to endure humor that may leave you rolling your eyes at times. Amazing visuals are enough to make the entire movie (*cough* Avatar *cough*)

Pros: James Franco plays an interesting Oz.  Rachel Weisz as Evanora and Michelle Williams as Glinda are fantastic. Zach Braff is fun as the comic relief and Joey King as the China Girl (like, literal china) was adorable. The visuals are stunning, to the point where I assumed it all had to be CGI, when it was mainly sets. The story has a great… starting point.

Cons: Mila Kunis attempts to complete eat all of the scenery in scenes later in the film. At times, it’s very obvious where the film is going, and you with a film like this, you wish it wouldn’t take the easy road.

See it?: If you’re okay with a mainly great cast, a simple story, and amazing visuals, then yes. By all means, yes. If you’re looking for a film that has a story as big as it’s visuals, I’d pass. It’s a gorgeous film, but there are other movies that tell much grander stories on a smaller scale.

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RECAP: Jack the Giant Slayer

3 Mar

I realized that many people look at film reviews as whether they should spend a dime on the film at all. Some strange people (like me) actually go for the humorous recaps. I decided to put the opinion first and recap second, just so you don’t have to scroll through endless snark, wondering to yourself if I will ever get to the point.

Also this is long. Beware.

Jack the Giant Slayer, Metacritic

This scene never happens. Just fyi.

Jack the Giant Slayer: 6/10.

Metacritic Rating: 51%

See if: You’re a fan of the cast, you’re looking for some mindless fun, or you’re curious what a film that costs $195 million looks like.

Jack and the Giant Slayer is an obvious attempt to cash on a recent trend of fairy tale movie ideas. Or it it’s an obvious attempt to cash on the fact that Hollywood is pushing Nicolas Hoult as an up and coming film star.

Or it’s an attempt to get butts into seats by making Stantly Tucci a villain and Ewan McGregor a dashing knight.

It certainly got my butt into a seat for that last reason.

Pros: It’s cute, there’s a lot of great actors in it (Stanely Tucci and Ewan McGregor for starters).

Cons: The main characters are on this side of boring, it’s long (the second act drags much longer than necessary), and what the hell happened to Jack’s uncle???

Yay or Nay? If you’re okay spending money on a movie that has a fairly weak plot, slightly useless main characters, and that critics enjoy but the public doesn’t ($25 millon opening weekend on a $200 million dollar film? Uh oh), then go right ahead.


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