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Why You Should Check Out The CW’s ‘Arrow’

3 Apr arrow, stephen amell, oliver queen, cw, the cw network

Not every show on the CW Network is as awful as one may imagine. You may ask yourself, why would anyone ever willingly watch a show that does air on that network, considering how terrible many people  consider the channel? It doesn’t matter if you marathon every show that airs or if you wouldn’t touch the channel with a ten foot pole, anyone who loves the superhero genre, smart-ass characters, and portrayals of strong women should spend a few episodes checking out the CW’s rendition of Arrow. Continue reading

REVIEW: Sleepy Hollow Season One

4 Feb sleepy hollow, ichabod crane, tom mison, abbie mills, nicole beharie

There are little to no spoilers in this review.

I will always remember some advice a professor told me. No matter how great a story is, the ending is what sticks to you. Even if you loved the beginning and you loved the middle, if the ending wasn’t up to par, you begin to regard the media less highly than you did before. Although I found most of the season of Fox’s new show, Sleepy Hollow to be quite enjoyable, it unfortunately followed a similar pattern of having a disappointing ending.

But is the rest of the season still enjoyable? Yes! While the beginning of the show is little far-fetched (as in, the four horsemen of the apocalypse are planning to destroy the world as foretold by George Washington to Ichabod Crane of Sleepy Hollow), everyone within this production really gave it their all. The main reason that this show was able to sell its story was because of how much effort the actors put into the show and the great rapport between the characters.

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The Importance of Diverse, Women Led Shows

3 Feb scandal, kerry washington

Do you happen to remember watching The Proud Family when you were growing up? Maybe you even caught a glimpse of That’s So Raven? I know when both shows came on, I was glued to my television screen. Back when I was a kid, I grew up with lead characters on television that looked just like me, a young black woman. As I got older, main characters like me started to disappear. Instead of the Ravens, we now have the Barney Stinsons (How I Met Your Mother) or the Walter Whites (Breaking Bad). I must have taken the amount of minorities on television for granted, because after my childhood, minorities never seemed to lead shows.

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REVIEW: Almost Human

19 Nov Almost Human, Karl Urban, Michael Ealy, Fox

What drives you to watch a new show? Is it seeing similar concepts done differently? Watching a completely different idea and hoping the ratings are good enough that it can survive past episode four? Or is it watching one of your favorite actors play a part that you love and obviously having fun?

Initially, I had little interest in Fox’s new show, Almost Human. It was too iRobot-y for me to feel comfortable with it. When I heard that Karl Urban of Lord of the Rings and Star Trek (2009) had a leading role, I had to check it out. Plus Michael Ealy is in it, and I do love when network TV tries to bring in more people of color.

Luckily, I was excited about the leads, because, as I feared, it is very iRobot-y. This doesn’t make it bad – it just means that it has a few episodes to go before it can stand on its own. Continue reading

RECAP: Teen Wolf – Lunar Eclipse

28 Sep

I do realize that by now, uploading a recap of the midseason finale of Teen Wolf, Season 3A (is that what we’re calling it? I’m not calling it that. That’s lame), is kind of sad. It’s been almost a month since the last episode came out, why am I just uploading this recap now?

Because I am a lazy college student who is not being paid for this…?

teen wolf, Deucalion, Gideon Emery

Though I do love hearing your voice. Yum.

But in all honesty (besides that. Because that is pretty darn honest), the episode 3.12, Lunar Eclipse signified for me everything that has been bothering me in season three, Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf, for me, used to be a terrible but fun TV shows that I would watch with friends. There was a thin line between taking itself too seriously and being ridiculous and it never managed to stray into the “taking itself too seriously” territory (or maybe it did and I was too busy laughing to notice). But now, this show’s mythology is all over the place, people are dying faster than the writers can give them backstories, and it’s just not… fun anymore.

So this probably won’t actually be a recap, but just me questioning a few things that have bothered me and culminated in this midseason finale.

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