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REVIEW: Vampire Academy

25 Feb vampire academy, rose hathaway, lissa dragomir, Zoey Deutch, lucy fry, Sarah hyland, weinstein company

This review contains little to no spoilers.

What’s your favorite book that’s been adapted into a movie? Is it one of the Harry Potter films? Part of The Lord of the Rings trilogy? How well do you think that they adapted? Did they stick to the plot or was the only thing similar to the book was the title of the movie? (I’m looking at you, World War Z.)

It’s importance the realize the difference between books that have been adapted into movies with the exact same plot and books that have been adapted into good movies. In that conundrum, we have the beginning of a new film series, Vampire Academy.

Well, it would have begin a new film series that might have made a lot of money if it wasn’t thoroughly and horrible crushed by The Lego Movie (and deservedly so).

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