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REVIEW: Riddick

8 Sep

….I honestly have no advice. If you’re looking for a crazy; what in the world am I watching oh my god DID HIS ARM JUST EXPLODE FROM crazy; I’m kind of bored I wonder what Vin Diesel could be Vin Diesel-ing about today crazy… You’ll LOVE Riddick!

Riddick, Vin Diesel

Riddick looking awesome and violent and READY TO KICK SOME ASS

My Score: 5/10

Metacritic: 48%

See If:  If you’re looking for an earth shattering good film, this is obviously not it. If you’re looking for an entertaining movie where Vin Diesel kicks probably more ass than is probably legal, and where people blow up, are decapitated, and is kinda violent, you’ll love it.

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REVIEW: The Host: The Sci-Fi Twilight?

1 Apr

The Host, the recent young adult science fiction film, is based on the novel, Stephenie Meyer’s first attempt at writing science fiction. Wait. Come back. It wasn’t that bad.

Diane Kruger is in it!

the host, jake abel, max irons, Saoirse Ronan

I could just hear the imaginary Teams revving up with the two men on the posters… (image: wikimedia commons)

My Score: 4.5/10

Metacritic Score: 41%

See If: You’re a fan of the Twilight series. If you’re okay spending 2 hours for a love story that is on this side of creepy.

Pros: The love story is … well, one of them is slightly adorable. The setting of the film is incredible. Some of the shots are amazing – the landscape shots actually make me want to go out and explore that area. Simply beautiful.

Cons: That damn voice over. The romance square. Some of the dialogue. Did I mention who wrote the book it’s based on?

Should I see this?:  If you’re looking for a good movie, no. If you’re looking for a romance on the level of a Twilight film (no judgment. Sometimes terrible romances are fun), then try it out. It’s deemed Sci-Fi, but there’s a lot more romance, and the science fiction elements are done about as well as the supernatural ones in Twilight.

Because one of my many talents is getting into film screenings, I managed to hop into another one, hosted (haha, pun unintentional) by Sephora. And that was some incredible marketing. They got me into the store around 5:30 to get my screening pass (which allowed me prime seats when I did get into the theater), I got a promotional bag, and, since there was a few more hours to wait, why not I stay for the free make over? And since I looked so pretty, why don’t I buy some make up?



I felt manipulated… and wanted to buy a $50 dollar eye shadow kit so badly. (image: odmrp.com)

Sorry, but I’m also a business major as well as a film/tv freak. You have to let me ramble about marketing techniques when they slap me across the face.

But I bring up the screening because the people who managed to get into this one weren’t an average audience. No. These were some dedicated fans ready to slap anyone who insulted their favorite author.

I realized early on I was in enemy territory when Stephenie Meyer’s name popped across the screen and there was a chorus of squeals.

I settled back and prepared for the worst.

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